Brexit Blues Too

 One estimate of the “economic cost” of Brexit, £130 billion, now exceeds what we’ve paid in to the EU over 47 years.

Brexit Blues Too

We’re gonna pay our dues

With the Brexit Blues.

Boris and Mogg have done us in.

We’re all gonna lose

With the Brexit Blues.

There’s no way we can possibly win.

Join the traffic queues

With the Brexit Blues.

Throw your lives in the bin.

We’re gonna grow a short fuse

With the Brexit Blues

Anger is back on the way in.

Muslims, Christians and Jews

Get the Brexit Blues.

In a mad xenophobic din.

It was a nationalist ruse

Gave us the Brexit Blues.

The lies were the grievous sin.

Opher 18.11.2018

There are no winners out of this. Both sides have already lost heavily.

Brexit has been an amazing distraction. It has allowed the dismantling of our public services to go unnoticed. It has already cost us a fortune.

What an unnecessary farce.

What a way to shoot ourselves in the head!

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