Climate Change – Chris Riddell

First they handle the Covid crisis incredibly badly (though making a lot of money for their chums in the process) and next up is Climate Change.

For those doubters in science this must have been a salutary summer – massive floods, wildfires, heatwaves, droughts and record temperatures.

When the mass immigration from the regions hardest hit begins to envelop us then we will see.

Is Boris Johnson (the liar) the man for a crisis? Are any of this bunch of sleazebags?

21 thoughts on “Climate Change – Chris Riddell

      1. I agree. But it’s not just us that votes. Unfortunately, people like politicians that seem to shoot from the hip rather than from their brains.

      2. It’s one of our major weaknesses. We look for people who give black and white promises in a world that is shades of grey. We want easy solutions when there are none. Things are complicated and require sophisticated lengthy solutions. Short-termism makes things worse.
        Hence they elect Trump, Johnson and Bolsonaro because they are glib liars.

      3. Yes, but I’m not sure your assessment is 100% accurate. Mostly accurate, but i don’t think it’s so much black and white answers to major issues, I think it’s the feeling that they’re against the archetype of politicians in general. Politicians have long, detailed plans for everything. These people don’t want to hear how if we get this country on our side, we can get this country sanctioned. They want to hear “we are the best and we’ll keep it that way” Same promise, more assertive. The fact the person has no real answers doesn’t play a part. It plays into their version and vision of patriotism. The words themselves are not short sighted (MAGA wasn’t a promise that was to be kept in the first 5 days of a presidency, but rather something that should have happened over the course of his presidency. It didn’t). But it played to the patriotism. Also, I think it was in direct response to our previous president. Knee jerk reaction who couldn’t quite stand having that president, and didn’t want anyone that could have possibly supported him in the WH. I think that’s the common thing. people vote based on whatever it is in that moment “I hate that guy/woman”, the need for something different. So they vote the other guy. Then the tides turn again.

      4. I don’t think Trump or Johnson had long, detailed plans for everything. I think they were good at coming up with slogans and working crowds. They offered what they thought their base wanted. They used patriotism, race, fear and hate to rouse people and offered silly solutions – Walls and Brexit. It was all emotion and no cerebrum.
        The real answers to things such as mass immigration and terrorism isn’t walls – it’s dealing with the gross inequality and poverty that exists around the world – and that takes time, effort and money. People don’t want to hear that. They want instant, easy solutions.

      5. Oh, I certainly didn’t say that either had long term solutions, I said the exact opposite. I said that their SLOGANS, such as MAGA are promises that SOUND long term because everyone knows you can’t even build a wall in 5 days. These things take time. But the second their in, even the slogan disappears.

        And I agree totally with your assessment for the bigger questions. people chose not to spend the time to properly educate themselves on these issues. The guy with the best slogans win not the person with the best plan. Obama was great at slogans too which is how he won, twice. But he had the intention of following through – even though he was blocked all the time. The whole world runs on headline news. Not opening the article, just the headlines. If you can get a good slogan, you’re totally aces. It’s an attention grabbing headline. No one looks under the hood to see if there’s an engine there. They just want the best sounding slogan. Some people are great at that, some not so much. The truth is, Trump had great slogans and no one bothered to look under the hood. Hilary didn’t have great slogans, but she had a running car. No one cared, no matter how many times she pointed out the engine. No one wanted to spend time to figure out if either car ran. His was empty under the hood but was cherry red and buffed and waxed to look like a show-room model. Hers was not a brand new show room model – hers had been around the block and saw what was really needed to get from point A to point B, but they wanted shiny. Eventually she had her all buffed and shiny, but at that point, everybody was already standing around his car oooing and ahhhhing and wasn’t paying much attention to hers, except the few that didn’t care how shiny his was, they understood it would never start.

        Not to mention, Hilary was the WORST POSSIBLE OPPONENT to him. Half the population can’t stomach her and think that her and her husband are murderers. Also, she ran a true political campaign and was having trouble going in the circus direction he was dragging politics in. She just couldn’t seem to grasp it and neither could her team. To many, including many who wouldn’t go near Trump if you paid them, she came off looking as though she were a dinosaur with no real idea how the current and future were going to look and was woefully behind the times. He made politics look new and different and like something that would change the world (see shiny red car above). She didn’t. I still voted, many did not. They loved what she stood for, but they couldn’t imagine going back to the way of the dinosaurs (which is what it felt like after Obama), so they just didn’t turn out. They couldn’t vote for him if their life depended on it, and they didn’t want the country to go backwards. And NO ONE believed he would win. I was the only one that kept saying it since the start. I saw it. I felt it in the air. I just knew. Everyone was convinced (just as they were in 1933) that our country wouldn’t even begin to go in that direction. There was just no way. Most voted despite not believing it, some did not because they didn’t believe it so obviously it wouldn’t happen with or without their vote. Then it did and everyone I knew went into immediate shock, revulsion, and almost a state of mourning for our country.

        Bet your sweet behind they turned out the second cycle.

        Sometimes, the smartest people you know, and the ones most educated on the topics, make dumb choices because they understand and assume everyone else does. They don’t. Misinformation, or lack of ANY relevant information leads to Trumpism/ Johnsonism. That’s just how it goes. But the educated can’t educate the uneducated because they won’t listen. The uneducated are also the loudest with the most clever headlines.

      6. I agree with everything you say there Marla. Somehow we need to both educate people and get them thinking. But this is the age of social media, fleeting attention spans, quick judgements and superficiality. Delving below the surface requires time and attention. I see that on my blog. A cartoon or funny joke will get hits and likes, a longer piece requiring thought gets nothing.

      7. I’m guilty of giving the likes too and not always reading the longer stuff. But I actually have a reason for it – I do not have internet and I use a hotspot which gets throttled (as it is now). When I get my reader to load (sometimes up to 3 minutes) i can see the pictures easily and like them. The longer stuff takes another 3-5 minutes just to load and all comments take a REALLY long time to post because I have to wait for the page to reload after it finally accepts it. Right now I’m using the comments section only, and it takes about 30 – 45 seconds of a little swirling blue nightmare before it says “comment sent”. When I’m at work, if I have time, I use their wifi to look at WP, but I don’t get enough time to really go through my reader and read what I want to read, so I’m kinda stuck until my data goes back to normal (next month). it’s why I haven’t written a challenge post in two days (I’m going through withdrawals!). The challenge pages can take up to a half hour to load them and they mostly time-out on me anyway. I wish I could read everything I want to, but when it’s throttled this badly, there’s nothing I can really do but wait it out and hope I have the time to go through and really see what I missed while I was under these miserable conditions. Sometimes I can, sometimes I can’t. I have to be conscientious of the data I’m using so I get more time before I get throttled. One of the reasons I try not to follow the Olympics although I REALLLLY want to – the youtube hole you fall down watching all sorts of Olympic stuff – or inevitably, go off into some other black hole

      8. Yes it does. What’s worse is I’ve looked into internet, and there’s no way I can afford it. JUST internet through the two insanely priced companies is between $60 and $80 a month! for that I can get television and a phone and probably a new car! Granted, I can’t afford a television to watch on, and I can’t afford the phone itself that would create the land-line, so it’s pointless. But how can you make internet only that expensive?? it’s ridiculous! To get all three is like $10 more a month – but I don’t have a reason for the other two and I can’t afford the internet package only, and I’m supposed to figure out $10 more a month? The other option is a pay as you need it thing. Which is great – except it will throttle me too, and the purchase price for the times that I would need roughly equate to the same stupid amount of money. So, because I already have unlimited data on my phone and pay for that, AND I can hot-spot it, I’ll do that and just deal…miserably, I might add because it’s the same that will happen regardless and it’s basically free since it’s already an expense that I have, so it’s not costing anything more, but it’s free because I can use my computer this way without paying an overpriced company for the joy of using what is literally free from my phone. It’s like paying for air to put in your tires. It’s just air! so you add a pressurized thing-a-mah-bob to make it work better for tires. Super kind of you, but it’s not worth half a buck per tire. So I get the free air offered at some gas stations. Their machine is out of order more often than it’s not, but it’s FREE. Duh. I actually know a crazy person who obviously has lots of disposable income who only uses the pay air – they think it’s better because you have to pay for it. It’s pressurized air. It doesn’t have golden flecks in it or some added guarantee it won’t go flat or blow out – it’s just air. If you want to spend two buck filling your tires, you have fun….I will not waste that money.

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