Poetry – We need a Scalpel

We need a Scalpel

The law must be our scalpel

To lance the boil of hate;

To cut out the cancer

Completely wipe the slate.

If there is no legal system

That can tie them down

Then the bastards will escape

And the cancer’s still around.

They work outside the boundaries

Doing anything they can –

Cutting, slashing, burning

Until the shit does hit the fan.

They need to be brought down

Before they do more harm.

We need a legal system

That possesses a long arm.

Opher 28.10.2018

There are a bunch of extremely rich people who are outside the law. They work internationally, beyond taxes, beyond health and safety, beyond reason.

They exploit workers in the undeveloped countries. They destroy the environment with impunity.

There is no control on what they do.

They need controlling.

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