Poetry – I’m not a player

I’m not a player

I’m a Mah-jong counter

A piece upon the board

Pushed back and forth

By those who can afford.

They move me here.

They move me there,

As is their desire.

I have no say in anything

They buy the guns for hire.

They fit me with the blindfold

The earplugs and the gag.

And when the game is over

I’m back inside the bag.

Opher 28.10.2018

There are big forces at work in the world shaping our destinies. They are the major players. Sometimes my impotency becomes so obvious.

How did they get there? What is their aim?

Do I agree with what they are doing?

No I don’t.

It’s just money and power.

It’s a game.

I dream of being a pawn! If only. I can’t even get on the board.

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