Climate Change Deniers.

Do you still believe Trump and the Petrochemical-industry? There is no such thing as climate change!

Droughts and massive bush fires in Australia

Catastrophic Australia fires are the latest climate change horror – here are the facts | Greenpeace UK

Unprecedented floods in Belgium and Germany

Germany floods map: Which areas are affected and why? | The Independent

Flash floods in London

Flash floods: Parts of London receive a month of rain in one day – BBC News

Wildfires in Oregon and California

Wildfire burning north of Lake Tahoe grows to more than 100,000 acres (

Droughts all around the world – Africa, California, Australia, Taiwan

Drought Threatens Millions in Southern Africa (

Unprecedented loss of ice in Greenland

Climate change: ‘Unprecedented’ ice loss as Greenland breaks record – BBC News

Heatwave in the Artic Circle

Arctic Circle sees ‘highest-ever’ recorded temperatures – BBC News

Highest temperature ever recorded on Earth

Death Valley, California, breaks the all-time world heat record for the second year in a row » Yale Climate Connections

Coral reefs suffer mass bleaching

Great Barrier Reef’s third mass bleaching in five years the most widespread yet | Great Barrier Reef | The Guardian

Species are migrating in response to climate changes

Half of All Species Are on the Move—And We’re Feeling It (

So we have floods, mass migrations, droughts, sea-level rises, heatwaves, massive bushfires, death and destruction on a massive scale.

All predicted.

All following the computer modelling.

All going to cause chaos and destruction on a scale we have never witnessed.

All caused by man-made destruction of forests and burning of fossil fuels.

Trump and the petrochemical industry, in search of massive profits, denied it was happening, put out fake news and paid scientists to lie.

Trump walked out of office having pocketed $1.6 Billion! He’s a conman – and you believed him??

Still in denial????????

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