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  1. I do the same for the same. And the people that want to come into my workplace where everyone is vaccinated and STILL wear masks and try to tell me that I’m wearing a mask so they shouldn’t have to, and refuse one when I hand it to them….. thankfully, I work in a very small office and I can throw them out. I wouldn’t be able to work in a box store or a grocery store. I’d probably punch someone and get arrested.

      1. I actually had a person come into my job COUGHING and refusing to put on a mask. I said to put it on or get out. They said that by law…blah blah blah. I sprayed the air around him with lysol. Got pissed and left. My boss took the lysol from me and then sprayed the ENTIRE waiting room LOL

      2. Not allowed to have one. I’ve been banned. But I’ve been secretly thinking about getting a staple gun and just shooting staples at these people.

      3. 😂🤣😂🤣 Luckily most people see the mask that I wear and try to stay 6 feet away, or some even pull their shirts over their noses. They let you have the elevator to yourself. Kind gestures like that. But then you have the people who decide to (uninvited) walk up to you and tell you that you’re a sheep, that I shouldn’t be wearing a mask cuz no one is sick, and there’s something wrong with me. And they’re inside my 6 foot radius. They get annoyed when I interrupt their tirade and say “I’m sorry, you’re standing a little too close for me, I’m having difficulty understanding you because I have to be able to see your whole face and your mouth,” but they step back – 6 feet back without realizing it, and are annoyed that I stopped their tirade to say that. But they comply and finish their tirade which is fine by me. At the end of the tirade they are all smug because they made their point, and i’m ok with that. I tend to thank them for their opinion on the subject and resume waiting in line (6 feet from the person in front of me). There have been a few exceptions: one guy decided that after his rant he would literally stand breathing down my neck until the manager threw him out for harassing me having over heard everything including me saying “please step back, you are so close I can feel your breath and your touching my pony tail,” and one guy who I had to dodge rather than snap his arm off who actually felt he had a right to reach out to pull my mask off my face because he felt I didn’t need it.

        NOTE TO ALL MEN OUT THERE: Do not think you have a right to put your hands on a woman, whether you know her or not, and try to force her to remove her mask. You pretty much have a half assed shot of getting it off of her, and a more likely shot of getting your testes knocked into your throat or your arm snapped at the elbow. actually, one better, LEAVE MEN AND WOMEN WHO ARE WEARING A MASK ALONE! IF YOU TRY TO TOUCH THEM, EXPECT THEY WILL SNAP YOUR DAMNED ARM INTO FIFTY PIECES! you make your choice to wear it or not, people wearing it have an equal choice. You are not the deciding factor on what I should do with my person. MIND YOUR BUSINESS!

        **PSA complete** 😂

      4. Completely agree – snap their damn arms off and shove it up their arses! They’ll get the message!! I despise these damn dorks who believe all this Trump-driven nonsense!! They belong in the Dark Ages. They are the ignorant brainwashed sheep.

      5. No matter what they think, why would that give them the right to touch a stranger trying to convince them of your truth? People are…horrible sometimes. It happens too much to me to be coincidence. Maybe I just have one of those masks…

      6. They would not put it on. Can’t even get them to put on a mask! 😉 And if you meant for me to wear, I already wear my mask, a giant suit would be a bit much since it’s been hitting 98-105 degrees here. ‘Id rather just break their arms, it will be faster, easier, and cheaper (up until legal fees).

      7. There are many things that would be more fun. Like forcing every company to put electrodes into the floor tiles and zap the hell out of them when they try to lay hands on another person to big giant bouncers in a convenience store to tackle them and smash them into the ground before throwing them so hard out the door they bounce. There are many things that could be a lot of fun without me having to find an outlet LOL

      8. OMG, don’t remind me. I can’t spend another three years in this covid bubble nonsense. I need to go out. I don’t even LIKE going out, but I need to so bad that I can taste it. But unless the entire damned group agrees that you’re allowed to do something, you’re immediately quarantined from the rest of the family for two weeks because you MIGHT have kind of maybe saw someone on TV that had a variant.

      9. We’re starting to go out (in a controlled manner). We went to a Jazz and Blues Festival over the weekend! Great!!

      10. That sounds amazing! I used to go to a folk festival in NY State started by Pete Seeger, and he was there and performed a few times while we were there. It was awesome. But there’s none of that in the near future as I am related to people who have gotten to the point they’re terrified of restaurants that have outside dining.

      11. I’ve had both jabs. I am taking carefully considered risks. I will eat outside and go to outside gigs. I will even go to carefully distanced inside events – cinema, gigs or theatre. But I wear a mask inside and avoid anywhere that is not properly ventilated and spaced.
        Life is risk. We just have to apply intelligence and weigh it up!
        I’ve travelled the world and visited places with nasty diseases. It’s worth the risk.

      12. The funny thing is, we’ve all had both jabs too (except the babies), and I weigh the risks as well, but they are all still insane LOL

        I’ve visited all over the world, and had to get fire injected into my arms to ward off local diseases to that location, and they came with me. Yet, they’re still convinced that if I leave my house, I’m going to immediately do something idiotic and get infected. That’s not how it works, but that’s how their paranoid brains work.

        The problem is, they’re the ones I would go out with, so…. yeah. Trapped.

  2. jolly good rant Marla. the antimaskers and anti vax folks don’t give a tinker’s dam about anyone else and feel they have “the right” to make others ill. in state almost universally trumpist pigs. I

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