Poetry – Something of Nothing

Something of Nothing

What happens when there’s something

Cascading out of nothing?

For what reason?

Then something aware of something

Thinking about nothing?

Thinking about all time?

Thinking about itself?

And reeling

Before the immensity

Of the journey

It is on.

Reeling before the enormity

Of where it finds itself.

Reeling before the wonder

Of its inability to wonder.

Reeling before the impossibilities

Of what has happened

And busy

Creating fictions

To explain.

Opher 30.7.2018

It is a recurrent theme of mine to find myself contemplating the Big Bang.

Here we are sitting on a rock in space daring to contemplate the vastness before us and the whole panoply of time and understand it.

Here we are creating answers.

It is no wonder that our answers are not very good.

Can the germs in the toilet understand the arse that descends or the squirt of domestos? I think not.

Perhaps we should just relish the manna from heaven and not see everything as shit?

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