Poetry – Daring to Believe

Daring to Believe

Rising and falling

On the edge of a breath

Fathoming the impossible;

Daring to believe

That the universe is real –

Which is completely absurd.

Opher – 28.7.2018

Sometimes I find myself in a strange mood. When I start thinking about life, reality and the universe I start to become boggled by the sheer immensity of it and the incomprehensibility of the whole infinite system.

I’d say we were microbes but we are not even microbes on microbes. We are not even specks. Our insignificance is extraordinary. Yet we still grapple with the wonders, invent philosophies and gods, and try to understand.

In the end one has to accept that it is merely absurd. There is no logic or rationale. It is. It exists. It began. It will cease.

We are on a journey to oblivion – sit back, hold on tight and enjoy the ride!

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