Trump and Fascism

It is apparent to me that the wave of Islamic terrorism coupled with mass immigration caused by war and economic factors created a fear and siege mentality.

In the UK Islamic terrorism, Muslim immigration and Eastern European immigration caused a big xenophobic fear that was exploited by Farage, Cummings and Johnson to create Brexit.

In the States it was Islamic terrorism (9-11) coupled with mass immigration from central America that resulted in fear and Trump.

Populist leaders, such as Trump, Johnson, Bolsonaro, Modi, Orban and Erdogan were quick to exploit fears, ramp up division and promise easy solutions. Once in power they began taking over the democratic processes and consolidating their power. This includes suppressing votes in opposition areas, taking over the media, spilling out propaganda and controlling the machinery for the democratic process.

In the UK this involves changing boundaries, suppressing protest, controlling the tabloid press and loading the BBC with Tories. There is no way of contesting the lies and nobody is ever accountable. They lie, pour out fake news and propaganda with impunity.

In the USA Trump took over the Republican party, Used voter suppression, poured out a stream of lies and propaganda, promised walls, encouraged and condoned violence and in the final end tried to take the election by force in an insurrection,

Throughout the world this division and scapegoating has empowered the racists, xenophobes and other fascist groups.

What we are seeing is fascism in action.

In America Trump was kicked out – but only just!

He hasn’t gone away. His legacy is a large base of empowered racists, xenophobes and white supremacists. They are waiting for him to reappear. He could yet return and finish the job.

So how do you get rid of autocratic fascists who seize the mechanisms of democracy?

This wave of populist fascism has not gone away!

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