Poetry – There’s no space

There’s no space

Amid the debris and the trash,

Scummy water,

Oil and fumes,

There’s no space.

Amid the bare rock and sand,

Scavenged land,

Concrete blocks,

There’s no place.

Amid the dreams and schemes,

The planning office,

And the plans,

There’s no space.

Amid the smoke and acid rain,

Climate change,

Effluent and crime,

There’s no place.

Amid the gunfire and the fire,

Bulldozer tracks,

Chainsaw and mire,

There’s no space.

Among the houses and the roads,

Amidst the cities,

Fields and farms,

There’s no place.

Opher 13.4.2018

There’s no space for Nature to live and there is no space for us to grow. The wilderness is managed. The revitalizing spaces are going.

We have no space to be free in, no space to breathe and they have no space to live. It all comes down to the lowest common denominators. We only have space for rats, seagulls, pigeons, crows and foxes – the ones that can live off our garbage.

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