Poetry – Amid the wreckage

Amid the wreckage

Amid the palm oil and the stumps;

Amid open mines, plastic in clumps,

Concrete and lawn, culverts and dumps,

No place to eat,

No place to drink,

No place to nest,

No time to blink.

Opher 13.4.2018

It seems that we no longer have room for nature. We swat the flies and put up our electrocutors, we manicure our lawns, mow the grass, sanitize the landscape. We chop down their habitat to grow our crops and shoot them if they dare to intrude. We hunt them for food, pleasure and ivory. We dig them up and bait them with dogs.

As our world expands theirs contracts.

Soon there will not be room enough for them. They are hanging on as tourist attractions. How long can that go on? What a miserable plastic world we are creating. Nature has to try to claw a living between the wreckage we have left behind.

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