Poetry – Meditation Medication

Meditation Medication

Meditation medication

In the midst of the forest

With the slanting sunlight

And pink anemone.

Recuperation rehabilitation

As the sun sets over the sea

Turning rocks ruddy

And birds swirl in glee.

Recovery discovery

As the deer raises its head

Sniffs the breeze and relaxes

To snack upon the fragrant herbs.

Content portent

As the bee and butterfly

Play with the nectar-sweet flowers

Who always give.

And the air is electric

Once again.

Opher – 23.2.2018

There is nothing more rehabilitating than the power of nature. To sit alone in the midst of the business of a flower-filled meadow and soak up the warmth and wonder as reality connects with infinity before your eyes.

Sitting still among the buzz of insects, with the scent of flowers and grass, with creatures rustling in the hay; as the sun shines from a blue sky and the planet turns in harmony with the heavens.

To be part of that natural world connected to the cycle of life in all the glory of its evolution and the wonder of the cosmos.

It is the perfect meditation.

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