4 thoughts on “Essential workers become unskilled laborers.

  1. …worthless by the six figure crowd. it’s as much classist crap than $$. ‘course, those people that work for a living are just grubbing scum wanting more money for their “worthless labor” than their lazy (what? more money? work two more jobs), replaceable asses need or deserve. if they were actually smart, they’d be shuffling paper, not stocking shelves. of course most of these worker refuse to say anything or do anything lest they rile their employers. it’s the trumpist’s cry. “they aren’t listening to us.” could it be because, you, worker isn’t saying anything? and unions “noooo! they want dues and are COMMIES!!” so workers bought into this crap when collective bargining and action to was needed most, again buying into labor John Wayneism . then buying into race hatred to “feel good,” Soooo, it’s fuck city for working class people, partly their own fault.

    1. It is amazing to me how the working class have been so successfully played by the elite. They have been utterly conned. The unions have been completely eviscerated!! People are fools.

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