Poetry – We are all speaking with our glands

We are all speaking with our glands

Speaking with chemicals and not electricity

Creates a morass of thought

In which to wade.

Stances selected subliminally

Create allegiance to tribal stance,

And not renegade.

We select the facts

To fit the answers

We desire to hear

And reject all opposition

Out of accentuated fear.

All we can be certain of

Is that the truth

Rarely does appear.

For allowing our glands to rule

Opens us to control.

Those who pull the strings

Know exactly how to push the buttons.

They feed in the manicured ‘facts’

To reinforce the message

For which we are the gluttons.

We cannot discern the truth with chemicals

We must apply electricity.

Then wading through the fake news

Is a path of more simplicity.

For division is the devil’s trade

And the friend of the politician.

While cooperation is our strength

When making our decisions.

Opher 18.12.2017

Politicians are using propaganda to deliberately arouse emotions. By creating fear and hatred they can manipulate the population. Hormones muddle thinking. A person does not think clearly when brains are flooded with adrenaline. All they want is action.

Brains run best on electricity.

It is always good to think with your head and not your gut.

Racism and fear of strangers is the way that fascism spreads its evil tendrils. Populist politicians gain popularity through arousing anger, fear and hate. They create tribalism and divide.

A friendly smile and a welcoming hand is always better than a fist and boot. NO BLACKS  NO IRISH  NO DOGS  NO SENSE

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