Poetry – Highway 2017 visited

Highway 2017 visited

Donald Trump was feeling sore

Trying to start the next world war.

Kim Jung Un was at the door

And Vladimir clearly knew the score.

Yes – it can be easily done

A few dozen missiles in the sun.

The orange wonder sat back down,

In the middle of town safe underground,

Preening in his dressing gown

Like an overgrown ape in the guise of a clown.

He paused to think a minute or two

On how to profit from this nuclear do.

Fake news he was putting out

To the followers he had here and about.

Combing his hair like a pool-hall lout

Exploding with a shrill scream and a shout

So wild that he didn’t care

Just as long as he got his share.

He was draining the swamp with a nuclear blast.

Grinning at the people aghast.

With a presidency that couldn’t last.

He had everybody nailed to the mast.

He had the last word on this one.

The only one with a hydrogen gun

Pulling the trigger and having fun

Opher 8.7.2017

There is a new way of dealing with foreign affairs.

Firstly – Ignore expert advice.

Secondly – Chuck diplomacy out of the window.

Thirdly – Be belligerent and rude.

Fourthly – Threaten, bluster and strut.

Fifthly – Bully.

Sixthly – Turn on your allies.

Yep – that should work. He’s got a bigger button.

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