Sci-fi novel – The Pornography Wars update.

The Pornography Wars update.

I have just completed the third rewrite of my latest Sci-fi novel – The Pornography Wars.

It now comes in at 203 pages – 81,500 words – about the right length for a novel of this type.

The novel has a strong social/political aspect with the use of a lot of satire. I wanted it to be a fast, punchy read despite it not having a lot of ‘action’. I have structured it with short paragraphs and short sentences to enable a fast flow for the reader.

Much of the description of the aliens is based on sound biology. The human body, because of its evolution, is extremely poorly designed. I think it is extremely unlikely that other life elsewhere in the universe would have evolved to create such a fragile and inefficient end result as a human being. My aliens are biologically superior in every respect – but that appears exceptionally strange to us.

It feels good to have completed it. I’m now going to allow it to settle to enable objectivity before doing another edit. I look forward to receiving feedback for further improvements.

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      3. Know nothing of any Sci-fi novel. You have mentioned your writing a book. Now you introduce a specific and say the book shall be a Sci-fi novel.

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