Poetry – Come so close that our blood and breath are one.

Come so close that our blood and breath are one.

Come so close that our blood and breath are one.

Share the moment of all time

As we melt into an ecstasy

That will consume our souls

With cool fire.

Come into my dreams until our lives are no longer ours

But a journey of shared wonder

In which we waft

Through green avenues

Of delight.

Come and synchronise your patterns with mine

Until we rise and fall

Through the same waves

On oceans of life.

Come and remove your skin and flesh

So that we touch

With depth and feeling

Far surpassing

The limits of our world.

Come and travel with me

Into a universe

Of amazement.

Lose yourself in me

And I will free myself in you

So close that we might touch the very stars.

Come my love

Come…. Come ………….Come.


Come so Close

This is an unabashed love poem. You can’t beat a love poem because love makes everything bright and new and endows our lives with hope.

To be in love raises all the senses to levels of excitement and floods the brain with endorphic ecstasy.

Nothing else matters.

What man could kill, maim or injure if he is truly in love? What a world we would inhabit if we could invent a love gun to blast the selfish into selflessness, the grimaces into smiles and hate to altruistic love.

What are the scientists playing at? Get building.

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