Major Sleaze Says ‘There’s Nothing To See Here’.

The problem with all this sleaze is not so much in the actual outcomes as the implications:

People like Dyson have access to power to put pressure on for their own benefit – tax breaks. This is an access that gives advantage to the wealthy and powerful.

The donors who pay for things like Johnson’s flat renovation expect something in return and get it through multimillion pound contracts.

The people who are associated with the Tories receive benefits. All the contracts were doled out to Tory donors. All the major positions (as with Dido Harding) are given to Tory supporters – it is obviously not a meritocracy. They are useless. It is who you know (if you happen to be Hancock’s pub landlord).

This level of blatant corruption is unparalleled.

Then we have the lies and cover-ups.

This is what Johnson had to say:


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