Poetry – Liberty


I want my liberty:

                The right to do what I want

                                Without a government

Taking my freedom from me.

I carry a gun

                Speak racist words

                                Threaten and run

Because words are just fun.

I don’t care about other peoples’ rights

                Liberty applies to me.

                                Everyone else should

Fight their own fights.

Opher – 6.4.2021

Freedom is a moot word. One man’s freedom is another person’s prison. We live together. That requires compromise and cooperation.

You having a gun threatens me and robs me of my liberty.

Words do hurt, incite and create a climate of fear.

There is no such thing as freedom.

Freedom for some people is the right to torture, kill, rape, pollute and enslave.

Without laws the bullies rule.

I wrote this from the perspective of a blinkered Trumpist.

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