Poetry – Does Boris Ever Feel The Guilt?

Does Boris Ever Feel The Guilt?

Does Boris ever feel the guilt?

                As Ireland burns again?

                                As the red tape strangles businesses?

As companies collapse and flee?

Does Boris ever feel the shame?

                For the lies he told?

                                For the £350 million on his bus?

For the damage to the country?

Does Boris even realise what he has done?

                As he basks in glory?

                                Putting self before all else?

Throwing millions into poverty?

Opher – 6.4.2021

The country was going along well. It was a largely caring culture. Then came Brexit and took the lid off the nastiness. It unleashed a wave of xenophobic racism, of nationalism and selfishness. It divided and ruined.

It led to the election of the most extreme bunch of arrogant Tories who idealistically set about strutting the stage and self-serving.

Now the country is breaking apart. Greed rules. Inequality grows. Austerity and poverty are consuming millions.

Boris is responsible.

Does he ever realise what a ruin he has created?