Poetry – All is flash and spin

All is flash and spin

Atoms spin and carry sound

As photons rush

And challenge space


Each single action lives;

Each deed is


By the giver.

Each and every word

Resounds around

The world



Each flash of light

Still sparkles

As it speeds

Along its path


Everything is forever,

Frozen in time;

Nothing ever dies.

Each moment lasts eternally

In a history

That tells no lies.

Opher 1.6.2016

All is flash and spin.

All we have are the moments of our lives; the sound of our words, the light of our actions.

Atoms are forever – endless time machines – until time itself dies, the energy is dissipated and the universe itself dies.

Light from the sun hits us and reflects back out into space to journey endlessly into the void.

Our words resonate through the atoms around us and echo down through the ages as whispers in the ears of generations to come.

All the moments of our lives exist for ever.

If we had mighty telescopes we could see back through time and space to view the actions of our predecessors.

Perhaps a race, somewhere in space and time will capture us and wonder?

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