Are we heading for a one-party state??

The Tories already own the newspapers

They are tightening their grip over the BBC and banishing dissent

They are legislating against protest

They are altering the electoral boundaries

They are loading the House of Lords.

When one party controls the media and uses it to push out state propaganda we are definitely in danger of a on-party state.

6 thoughts on “Are we heading for a one-party state??

  1. Opher, we’ve been in a one-party state for decades; at least since the 1980s. They’re all on the same side; and it isn’t either yours or mine. You need to look at the facts and the history, and then you’ll understand that Labour are just as bad as the Tories. The parties leap-frog each other to treat us worse and worse.

    1. I can’t fully agree with you there. I’ve seen the difference. Labour always fund the public sector properly and take care of the poorer end. The Tories always give tax cuts to the wealthy and rob the poor and public workers. That’s a fundamental difference.

  2. Brainwashed…the people’s choice. My local newsagent has two stacks of Daily Mails about two feet high, one stack of Telegraphs about two feet high, a large pile of Times and Suns etc and two Guardians.

    1. That sums it up. Why do people choose that propaganda rubbish? It’s similar in our shop – Mails, Express, Telegraph and Sun – a drip-feed of hate, xenophobia, trivia, royalty and Tory propaganda and lies.

    1. It seems incredible to me John. The world has gone nuts! Do you think we’ve travelled through some space gas that has turned peoples’ minds to mush?

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