Poetry – You and Me can Do It!!!

You and Me can Do It!!!

They used to rid themselves of nuclear waste

By dumping it at sea.

They’d still be doing it now

If not for you and me.

Sadly they’re still chopping down

The forests with impunity,

And strip mining in the wilderness

Where the wild-life used to be.

They are spraying all the crops

And killing pest and bee.

Soon they’ll be nothing left

Of elephant or chimpanzee.

We’ll be living in a concrete desert

Without a single tree;

Billion upon billion of us

Swamping nature by degree.

It’s time they reigned in the greed

I’m sure you’ll all agree.



Opher 18.5.2016

You and Me can Do It!!!

Nothing makes me more frustrated and angry than the rapid destruction of the wilderness and slaughter of nature.

In my own lifetime I have witnessed the rapid degradation of our environment. The world population has doubled and we are swamping nature. The extinction rate has gone through the roof and even creatures that were common in my youth are now threatened.

We are a disaster.

Yet we should not be. It is our stupidity and greed, our national pride and cruel, violent natures that is causing the problem.

If the G7 put their mind to it they could solve all the problems.

  • Reduce the population
  • Global laws on pollution
  • Global laws and enforcement on poaching
  • 50% of the planet for wilderness and nature – 50% for humans
  • Stop the greedy practices that are strip mining, fracking, cutting down trees and slaughtering wild life.
  • Stop the wars
  • Bring in contraception
  • Create greater equality
  • Sort pensions, welfare and sickness benefit

Problem solved.

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