Poetry – Democracy/Shamocracy


A multi-headed beast

                With many names

Whose nutrition

                Is truth,

Now a skeleton

                Starved of calories

Living on crumbs,

                Barely alive.

Caught between spin and lies

                Between tactics and cynical deceit.

Sacrificed by political dupes

                With media deployed as political tools.

Treating us as fools

                The truth is strangled to death.

Never have I had a vote that counts.

Never read a tabloid without bias.

Without the truth there is no valid choice.

Never have I lived in a true democracy.


Democracy works very simply. Everybody has a single vote. They vote for the candidate they believe will best reflect their views and interests.

That sounds simple.

It’s far from simple.

In order to ascertain if the candidate shares your own perspective one needs unbiased information.

There is no unbiased information. There are too many vested interests; too much big money.

Politicians lie.

They pretend.

They promise.

The media is controlled.

They deploy spin and lies.

They disguise what they are doing.

There are too many vested interests.

We do not receive a true picture. We do not receive the information with which to make a sound judgement.

There are only a limited number of places in the country where a vote might count.

I have either lived in strong Labour parts of the country or strong Tory parts. My vote has never counted.

Democracy is a sham

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