Poetry – Embracing Science

Embracing Science

We embrace science –

The Kalashnikov

Explosive vest

And the IED.

There is no latitude

Or room for doubt,

Or tolerance

Of any kind;

For it is written.

We reject the Hadron Collider,


And the microscope.

We pick and choose

On our trip

Into the past.

What use for the Richter scale?

Or vaccination?

When all is God’s will.

Opher 18.5.2016

Embracing Science

A fundamentalist is a person who sees everything in black and white. Every word is fixed. It has been written. It must be obeyed.

There is no nuance.

There is nothing to discuss.

Black and white. No doubt. For a chosen people.

Rejecting all other interpretation. Picking and choosing the texts that suit.

Of the thousands of faiths followed by mankind they adhere to one and reject all else.

A seat of intolerance. A message of division. A cause of hatred.

Yet the world is not black and white.

The world is full of colour, wonder and awe.

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