Poetry – Respect


Respect to die for

And die they do –

Living the high life.

A sneer,

A bullet,

A smack

And a knife.

Life is fast,

With a swagger.

And brief pleasure

Amid the strife.

Nothing can be perfect

When it comes down to respect.

Opher 16.5.2016


Young males with little reason to buy in to a system in which they have no status.

Uneducated and disenfranchised with no place.

Full of resentment and anger.

Relying on tribal grouping.

Drugs, guns and knives – plenty of attitude.

Girls and respect.

Living for the moment.

Fighting for their block.

Fighting for their lives.

Fighting for fun.

Twisted by life.

Where cruelty is endemic.

Where status is the game.

Where hardness is the currency.

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