Poetry – I used to have so much

I used to have so much

I used to have a dream

But I’ve forgotten what it was.

I used to have ideals

But I’m lamenting their loss.

I used to dream of freedom

But freedom became a traitor.

I used to wish for change

But we’re saving that for later,

Life is a mystery.

We live it to the full.

We sometimes give it all we’ve got

But not as a rule.

We’re going through the motions,

Filling up the days.

Doing what we always do

And living in a haze.

Opher – 28.3.2021

Life used to be so special. Youth was so full of fire. Now reality breaks through. You realise that no matter how much you try you can’t change it. The system is a game. The rules are made by the powerful. Money talks. Greed rules.

Life becomes mundane. We find ourselves falling into a predictable pattern in which we do not think about those big issues that used to fire us up.

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