Poetry – What Would You die for?

What Would You die for?

What would you die for?

What is worth your Life?

It’s your testimony.

Is it love or is it greed?

Is it the truth?

Or just baloney?

Is there a cause that is worthy?

That does not rust in the wind and rain?

Is there a praiseworthy belief

That charismatic leaders won’t flush down the drain?

Opher 22.3.2021

The deepest and most sincere beliefs are twisted out of shape by men with ulterior motives, who seek to use it to gain power, influence and wealth.

What dream is ever pure?

What philosophy can one base a life on that is not debased and sullied by grubby hands.

How much violence, fear and tyranny have been unleashed in the search for a better world?

How much blood is spilt by the well-meaning?

Whatever it is you believe, no matter how pure and beautiful, there is always someone who will twist it and use it against you to create something sullied, sordid and grotesque for their own ends.

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