The Corona Diaries – Day 364

It was another fabulous spring day in Yorkshire. I even left my jacket at home as we walked up the hill.

Back home I’ve been listening to Nick Drake and writing my latest Sci-fi novel.

To have a break I went and mowed the lawn!! First time this year!!

Meanwhile out in Coronaland our hapless clown talks of an imminent third wave – as seen on the continent. It’s really just the first wave. It never really went away!

So as we come out of lockdown what he is really saying is that we should expect all the unvaccinated to go down with it! More fool them.

There was a report out which made for interesting reading. They were looking at the successful countries – like So Korea, Vietnam, Singapore and New Zealand – and analysing how they managed to be so successful at dealing with the virus. About time someone started looking at it!!

Lo and behold! This is what they found:

a. They monitored all arrivals at borders with health checks

b. The Tested anyone suspected of having the virus, chased up all contacts and tested them

c. They provided welfare for all who were quarantined so they did not have to work

d. The had effective leadership

e. They put out a clear simple consistent message

f. The information given was clear, concise and timely.

That’s not rocket science is it? There was nothing new. They had it nailed down from SARS MERS and the rest. We just were not paying attention.

Here’s an example from S.Korea.

A woman coming back into the country was met at the airport, segregated, temperature checked, tested and transported home.

She had to isolate for two weeks.

She had an app on her phone so that her movements could be checked.

She was rung regularly at differing times to check.

Compare all that with our useless government.

a. No monitoring on the borders – free access

b. Track and Trace a £37 billion shambles – put out to private contract with a Tory donor.

c. No welfare paid. People won’t get tested in case they have to miss work. They can’t afford to be off work.

d. We have a dithering clown for a leader who can’t talk properly. Without an autocue he always puts his foot in it.

e. It’s dither and change and unclear messaging.

f. Information is confusing and keeps changing.

You don’t get to be among the worst in the world for nothing!!

Stay Safe!!

2 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 364

    1. Yes. I saw that on the news. Not a good thing at all. I think that there was a pressure built up with Trump and the message has got out that things have got easier!

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