Poetry – I have been here!

I have been here!

I am here!

What more can I say?

I exist!

I have breathed the air,

Watched the sky in wondrous thrall

As it mutated

Through all its shades

Of extroversion,


And felt the ecstasy!

My hands have touched

The holy bark,

The soft flesh

And the cold majestic granite

With equal wonder.

My ears have tuned

To the buzz and song

Of nature

And I have sniffed the wind

Of fertility.

My mind has soared and thrilled

To all the wonders

Of life;

The awe of a planet,

The mysteries of

Atoms and galaxies.

I am here!

I have lived!

And I have cherished every moment

With you.

Opher 22.4.2016

I have been here!

So short a visit. Already the terminal is in sight. But what a journey through landscape that is breath-taking. What passengers to share such a journey. Such variety. Such talent.

So fortunate to have the senses to take it in.

And how I’ve taken it in. It is deep within me. I have soaked it up like a sponge.

I want to experience every last taste, every colour, sound and touch. None of it is wasted.

Above all I want to share all these splendours with you. Every moment filled with love – the sauce that cooks the goose to perfection.

What a statement.

We are merely passing through, stopping to inhale.

By the end I will be sated.

Sated and replete, full.

So short a visit – too short by half.

But we have been.

We have left our mark.

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