The Brazilian Variant allowed into the country!! Cartoon – Martin Rowson.

John Peachy sent me this one through.

This sums it up for me. Our incompetent twerps have consistently done everything far too late. If they had brought in border monitoring, testing and isolation a year ago (like many other countries did – Vietnam, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia) we would not be in this mess!

Johnson was complacent, overconfident, arrogant and unprepared.

Even as the tragedy developed he continued to make mistake after mistake. With the worrying variants threatening to undermine the whole vaccination scheme he still failed to act in time. We needed stringent border controls. Instead we shut down far too late and already have the variant in the country.

When will we ever learn, when will we ever learn?

2 thoughts on “The Brazilian Variant allowed into the country!! Cartoon – Martin Rowson.

  1. Here in U.S. we were, and still are, worse than non-responsive. Trump did so much harm. However, in almost each and every country of the world politically motivated denial of the problem delayed action. And then bureaucratic dysfunction kicks in everywhere. Some countries are doing better than others, generally dependent on their government. But every nation has been hit and experiencing these same waves and patterns that you see all over. I’m doubly vaccinated. taking the wife to get her second shot later today.

    1. Congrats Bumba. Glad you are both safe with a double shot!! I’m still waiting for a second shot – then I’ll breathe easy!
      I’m not sure the States is going to come back from it’s shot of fascism with Trump. The damage is colossal. I’m boggled by the way so many fell for the lies and believe in the conspiracy!

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