Poetry – Change is the only rule

Change is the only rule

There is a mundane level in which we live. It has an unreal stability. Every day is a continuation. When we look in the mirror we are confronted with the same face. When we open our eyes from sleep we see the same room we left the night before. The view out of the window is the same. The sun predictably rises.

Yet that continuity is the illusion.

We live our lives through habit and rules. There are no rules.

Every three months I have a brand new body. All my cells (apart from nerves) have been replaced.

With every breath, every sip and every nibble, new molecules are incorporated to displace the old.

All around us, unseen energy explodes.

The universe is in flow. It is always different.

Our bodies are changing. It interfaces with the world. On the molecular level there is no barrier. We have frontiers that leak.

We are free to do whatever we want. We chain ourselves to habits. We bolt ourselves to the mundane. We become fixed in the confines of mediocrity.

I want to go back to those days when the world was wondrous; it sparkled with new energy and I delighted in its freshness.

Each moment is a gem to be savoured. I want each second to be new and unique.

That is when we really live.

Change is the only rule

I woke up this  morning for the first time.

I looked on the world with new eyes.

It was all new,

All different.

Change is the only rule.

Everything I do is for the first time.

Every breath brings new atoms.

My cells thrill with fresh energy.

All is change,

Endless change.

There are no rules;

Only habits.

The atoms are perpetual motion machines.

They will spin until the end of time.

I myself am renewed each moment.

My cells come and go

But I persist;

Adrift in the midst of wonder

With no rules,

And endless possibility.

I make it up as I go along.

Change is the only rule.

Opher 7.12.2015

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