Poetry – Life


Time in seconds

     Tick   Tick   Tick

Passing slowly

     Quick   Quick   Quick

Filled with longing

     Sick   Sick   Sick

And hopes, fears, dreams

     Pick   Pick   Pick

Rushing past now

     Trick   Trick   Trick

Gathering speed

     Lick   Lick   Lick

Crashing out now

     Kick   Kick   Kick

Time in seconds


Live it

Opher 4.8.2015


It seems to go so slowly when you are young. There is an endless summer to get bored in. There are days full of nothing.

Then you leave school and the days are full. You look behind and find years stacking up.

You have a career and family and there isn’t time to breathe or energy to breathe with. But you promise yourself the things you will do tomorrow.

Then it is tomorrow and you are doing those things. It has sneaked up on you. It is like you never really got going and now it is almost over.

Time. Life.

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