Poetry – Rock Your Spirit

Rock Your Spirit

I wanna rock your spirit.

I wanna rock your soul.

I wanna rock our love

Til we’re both whole.

I don’t wanna bitch

‘n I don’t aim to crawl.

I just wanna wrap you

In my Rock ‘n’ Roll

‘n Love you.

Opher 2.10.95

Rock Your Spirit

This was just a little love poem I put together to a little guitar riff I was hearing in my head. Love is great isn’t it? There’s nothing quite like it for filling the head with a warm glow. If you could take a picture inside your skull you’d probably find the whole cortex radiant with luminosity. It’s those endorphins causing all the neurons to fire – just a chemical high.

Music does that too. When you put the two together it’s double the effect!

I hope it doesn’t wear off after a mere fifty years?

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