The Corona Diaries – Day 284

This is the first day of a new year. It is a year that I hope is full of good things.

The start of something new is always a good time to be reflective. This has been a strange year. It hasn’t all been bad though. It started for us in spectacular fashion with a trip to Brazil, down the amazon to Manaus. For two months, lost in the wonders of the rainforest, we were oblivious to what was going on in China and the rest of the world. It was only after we came back that we were pitched into the pandemonium of a pandemic.

Immediately, before we could even catch up with family and friends, we found ourselves in lockdown, isolated. All our plans went out of the window. No more meals, gigs, theatre or cinema. No more meeting up with friends and family; our diaries were blank.

We organised on-line deliveries, watched a lot of TV dramas and settled in to an unreal routine in our own little bubble.

With time on our hands, we set about decorating, writing and walking. The Spring and Summer were warm and sunny. We met for socially distanced walks with friends and family. We even had the odd meal outside. Things weren’t that bad. We were busy. All around us were tales of death and severe illness. Members of our family became ill and recovered.

We stayed isolated in our cocoon.

Outside the world was going mad. We had undergone four years of Brexit mania culminating in the country putting a clown in charge, heading for a hard Brexit and putting the extreme nationalists of the ERG in charge of the country. They promptly ousted anyone with any brains and proceeded to ineptly make a complete mess of dealing with Covid. That’s what happens when you elect nincompoops.

Elsewhere the wave of populism had produced a plethora of incompetent fools gaining office. In the States Trump was firing up the neo-Nazis. In Brazil Bolsonaro was burning up the rainforest for profit. In Turkey Erdogan was clamming down on freedom of speech. In India Modi was orchestrating Hindu fundamentalism.

Now I look back.

We managed to decorate the whole house. I published fifteen books – two were rewrites and three I had written the previous years and five were books of poetry. But there was my Nick Harper book (published on Jan 1st) and three novels. By any standards a productive year.

Things are looking up.

The vaccine is rolling out with its promise of normality.

Trump and his pernicious policies was voted out.

The hard Brexit has happened. The damage is done. Now we can begin damage limitation and look forward to working to rebuild bridges, get back in and changing the EU from the inside.

Johnson has been shown up for the clown he is. When the analysis of their inept handling of the virus is exposed and the full impact of Bexit becomes apparent it might finally put an end to the loathsome arrogant self-interested Tories.

Bolsonaro is coming up for re-election. With any luck he’ll be booted out.

Populism has been shown to be no answer. All the populist clowns have been exposed as the arrogant narcissists they always were.

Time for the whole world to move forward into a better future – to beat covid and tackle climate change, put a halt to this disastrous loss of biodiversity, solve the overpopulation crisis and forge a new better world.

2021 looks to have the seeds of a bright future.

I raise a glass to Extinction Rebellion, Greta Thunberg and Richard Attenborough!

Now I’m off for my walk up the hill – in the rain!!

Stay safe!!

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