One day xenophobia

will begin to rust.

People will smile

and help each other

And fall about in lust

They’ll make the world a better place

Solve every problem — just

And hate and war

And nastiness

Will become



OPHER 11.5.98

It is a lovely thought to imagine that one day this turbulent species of ours will mature, that all the stupidity of violence, hatred, racism, sexism and war will be consigned to the history books.

Instead of being directed by selfish greed we will build a new future of love, harmony and peace. We will live sustainably and at peace with the rest of nature and no longer feel pleasure at other creatures pain.

We can all dream.

It is a vision worth working towards.

I wrote this poem in the hopes that the future will only contain the psychological fossils of all the nasty things. Hatred and cruelty will be psychological dust in the human psyche. Their memory will be so faint that there will nothing of their form left.

We will all be the happier.

I work towards creating psychological dust.

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