Cronyism and Corruption are rife under this Tory Government.

Quietly, under the cover of the Covid crisis, this government is using its majority and taking advantage of the lack of scrutiny created by the pandemic, to shovel contracts through to its business friends without tendering.

Corruption is rife.

Accountability is non-existent.

With a huge majority they think they can do what they like. With emergency regulations they have carte blanche to do all manner of corrupt deals.–t-gM

20 thoughts on “Cronyism and Corruption are rife under this Tory Government.

    1. I find it scandalous. They think because they have a majority and parliament is not operating properly because of covid, that they can do what they like. It doesn’t bode well for Brexit. It isn’t helped by them continuing to have public support despite their incompetence, mismanagement and selfish greed.

      1. I know some of the people involved on a personal level. I am not impressed by them. I against violent upheaval but completely in favour of drastic changes to society.

  1. Tonight Yidden light the first of the Hanukkah lights. The Gemara of Shabbat teaches the famous dispute between Bet Shammai and Bet Hillel concerning lighting the lights of Hanukkah. This famous dispute always puzzled me, what difference does it make whether one begins with lighting 8 candles the first night or only one? What does lighting the lights of Hanukkah have to do with the life and death struggle against Greek cultural domination of the tiny Jewish State?

    The B’hag, a late scholar whose Torah shined the light of Torah during the waning domination of the Gaonim schools. The Reshonim scholarship, this “candle of light” followed the lights of the Gaonim schools. The B’hag holds that the rabbinic mitzvot of both Purim and Hanukkah, their light shines as part of the 613 Commandments Israel received from HaShem and Moshe Rabbenu.

    The Rambam denounced the light which the B’hag directed the generations of Israel. The B’hag links Hanukkah, as does the Talmud to Shabbat. He held that lighting the lights of Shabbat – this mitzva from the Torah – its light shines on par with the Torah mitzvot of Purim and Hanukkah. To comprehend the light shone by the Torah of the B’hag, Yidden must discern the common denominator which the Houses of Hillel and Shammai, your shared foundation by which their Torah communicated the k’vanna of the mitzva of Hannukah as expressed through the rabbinic halachic ritual of lighting the lights of Hannukah throughout the generations.

    The Greek empire conquered the Persian empire, which uprooted the Babylonian empire, who destroyed Jerusalem and expelled Yidden from the lands ruled by the king of Yechuda from the House of David. Greek hostility to the Torah centered not upon the Written Torah but rather the Oral Torah. This latter Torah light expresses itself through a unique logic format by which Yidden, following the Golden Calf, dedicated the souls of their children, to strictly interpret the language of the Written Torah by employing the Oral Torah logic format alone as the light to see and understand the k’vanna and intent of the Written Constitution of the Jewish State.

    The Greek schools of philosophy taught a completely different logic system. The logic of Plato and Aristotle overshadow the ancient Greek contribution of knowledge. Yidden, humiliated from our disgrace of the avoda zarah of the Golden Calf, our forefathers swear a Torah oath, to all generations Yidden sanctify our dedication unto the Torah revelation to interpret the Written Torah through the lights of the Oral Torah alone.

    The lights of Shabbot, the dedication to strive to achieve shalom among family and friends. The lights of reading the Megillah on Purim, the dedication of tohor, opposed by tuma middot unto HaShem. The Book of Ester, the only Book of the T’NaCH which lacks the Name of HaShem. The Name המן and המלך they teach a רמז Gematria of tohor as opposed to tuma middot. The k’vanna of “kingship” (To make a Torah blessing requires the Name and Kingship), as a king stands as the head of a nation so too the dedication of tohor, as opposed to tuma, middot unto HaShem – middot express the faith unto the revelation of the Torah throughout all and every generation. The mussar of the Book of Ester teaches middot, expressed through the contrast between Mordecai and Haman.

    In similar fashion the Gemara of Shabbot, teaches the k’vanna of lighting the lights of Hannukah, expressed through the contrast of opinions expressed by the Houses Bet Shammai and Bet Hillel. What defines the Oral Torah? Logic stands upon the יסוד/foundation of Order. The Order of the Torah logic system in its turn sharply contrasts with the Order of the ancient Greek logic formats which ancient Greek philosophers developed.

      1. Good. I see that stupid Trump Texas appeal that you were on about, with no foundation, was thrown out by the Supreme Court like all the others.
        He’s just using it as a way of gathering in a fortune off his gullible, poor, fanatical followers. He’s a master conman!!

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