Poetry – Times


One second nothing.

One second everything.

Nine billion years something.

One billion years more – everything.

Time is material.

Time starts with seconds.

Time ends in billions of years.

Time is all we have.

Five minutes is all it takes

To create a new perspective.

Nine months to reach fruition.

Eighty years to experience it.

Time passes slowly.

Time passes quickly.

Time is relative.

Time was once not there.

One day time will again, not exist.

Opher – 23.11.2020

The universe started in a flash. Everything, including time, burst into existence from nothing.

13.8 billion years and we are here living in it.

It took over nine billion years for the Earth to be formed. A tiny planet in the atmosphere of an average star.

It took a billion years for life to emerge. Just once.

Three and a half billion years later that one amazing event has evolved into a vast interconnecting web of marvels spreading right across the planet.

An amazing precarious wonder. Even the tiniest microbe a thing of astounding mind-boggling awe.

We are just one of those wonders. Each of us with our awareness, a view of the universe, an intelligence, aware and pondering. Each of us created in an event lasting minutes, developing for one gestation, and born into this universe.

One day we will all be gone, enveloped in the substance of our expanding star, our sun. One day all life will end. One day the universe will run down and die and time itself will cease.

Time gives rise to substance.

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