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  1. That last bit, ‘impersonating…’ nails it for me.
    This man has done untold damage to American prestige worldwide. He has made, and continues to make, the Presidency into a laughing-stock. American has lost so much status through his antics, his narcissm. He is so transparent that it is indeed embarrassing to watch.

    1. I wholeheartedly agree with you. He has been a disaster. It reflects back on the American people – but then we elected Johnson!!

      1. We elected Johnson? Dream on pale face. Johnson the idiot who took the US into the VILE Vietnam debacle and 1st American defeat in war.

    2. Yea like convincing 3 Arab countries to make peace with Israel … after recognizing Jerusalem as the Capital of the Jewish State!!!!! The Huzpa of this man. LOL

      1. Israel has launched air raids on Syria, killing three soldiers and wounding another, in what the Israeli army called a retaliatory attack after it found explosive devices along it’s northern border. Israel has carried out hundreds of air and missile attacks on Syria since civil war broke out in 2011, targeting Iranian and Lebanese Hezbollah forces as well as government troops, responding to what it describes as aggression inside Israeli territory. On Tuesday, the Israeli military said it had discovered improvised explosive devices (IEDs) placed within it’s Golan Heights borders. The Israeli military said its fighter jets hit “military targets belonging to the Iranian Quds force and the Syrian Armed Forces.

        The targets included “storage facilities, headquarters and military compounds” as well as “Syrian surface-to-air missile batteries”. The Syrian state news agency SANA reported that three military personnel were killed and one was wounded in the retaliatory “Israeli aggression”.

      2. War – something to be proud of – I don’t think. I’m not surprised at Israel’s belligerence. More death and hatred. And you were talking about peace.

      3. Peace comes when you stop behaving like Nazis and start making restoration with the Palestinians – until then you are at war and Israelis will die!

      4. What is interesting about that is not the negotiations but how those countries choose to ‘play along’ with USA. There ia no such thing as straight diplomacy on the world stage, but a shifting of support for chosen regimes.
        And all written without exclamations marks.

      5. I think we will look back at what has taken place with some disbelief. I just hope it is an aberration but it says reams about the USA and world diplomacy.

      6. Yiddish its such an expressive language. In this case the word “shanda” comes to mind. For 4 years the DemoRATS accused the President of stealing the election! If the recount proves correct, the stealing will all come from these same DemoRATS.

      7. The President’s legal team has discovered “680,770 uninspected, unlawful mail-in votes… deliberately concealed from Republican inspectors” in Pennsylvania.

        President Trump won the 2020 election.

        The Democrats cheated.

        And the mainstream media is covering it up.

      8. Gosh Moshe – you do believe every bit of garbage they put out. You’re just what the extreme right want – a gullible fool.

      9. Here’s my take on the matter, and you can mark my words. Georgia will flip to Trump. Then PA. Next will be WI. Then other “battleground” states will follow. Because in truth, there were no battleground states. Trump won handily, blowing away the record of 2008 Barack Obama by over 3 million votes. And the numbers under Joe Biden are fiction at best.

      10. It is interesting to see the warped thinking and entrenched conspiracy theories put out by Trump, with no foundation what-so-ever, are still being accepted as fact by the extremists. The worrying nature of propaganda. It really impacts on gullible people.

      11. Remember that feeling, just after Brexit? That ‘No!’ followed by ‘They’ll all come to their senses and…’ It reminds me of that. So, a little empathy, perhaps. Maybe I was as dumbfounded then, as this.
        People would rather see the whole thing burn than lose face/admit they’re wrong. People are frightening sometimes.

      12. But they are, it would seem. Maybe we have shored ourselves up so much with the belief in reasonableness that we do not see things as they really are. On the other hand it could be that the majority of people also believed in reasonableness, but now a big swatch have gone for the lazy option?

      13. I think it all comes out of the poor American education system and their great belief in religion and superstition. Thirty million people actually believe the earth is flat. Many believe we are being ruled by alien lizards. They believe vaccines are implanted control chips. They believe a multimillionaire chance like Trump cares about poor people.
        They are completely nuts.

      14. Do they actually ‘believe’ this, and what do they mean by belief, and does it differ from what we mean? Do they, whoever they are, give these responses because the education system values novelty, performance-ability?

      15. I think there is a strange combination of factors at play. There are a lot of people who are poorly educated. There is an education system that does not encourage rational thought and questioning. There is a disbelief in science and undermining of scientists and experts. There is a cynical belief that all politicians are lying chancers and our political system is completely corrupt. There is a belief that all the media is fake news. There is a superstitious belief in magic and religion.
        Put all that together and you have a bunch of stupid people getting all their facts from the internet, being fed with conspiracy and fake news that undermines science and politicians and promotes idiotic ideas such as:
        Trump is fighting the Deep State
        Trump is on the side of poor workers
        Experts can’t be trusted
        The media is controlled by the liberals
        Socialism is tyranny
        Socialism is communism
        Democrats are socialists
        The Earth is flat
        We are being controlled by alien lizards
        The lizards are in with Hollywood democrats in a paedophile ring that eats babies
        Vaccination is implanting microchips
        We are being controlled
        Trump never lies
        The election was stolen

        They’ll believe any garbage thrown at them from these extreme right-wing propaganda machines!!

        It’s hard to maintain the correct level of cynicism in the face of the stupidity.

      16. The President’s legal team has discovered “680,770 uninspected, unlawful mail-in votes… deliberately concealed from Republican inspectors” in Pennsylvania.

        President Trump won the 2020 election.

        The Democrats cheated.

        And the mainstream media is covering it up.

      17. Ho Ho Ho. Dream on Moshe. He lost big time. They hate him and all the stupid things he’s done – the division, hatred and lies. He’s gon gone gone.

      18. According to Sidney Powell “Millions of Americans have written in” to tell them about election fraud. Boiled down, the software was the problem, and it’s also used on other brand’s voting machines.

      19. The recount in Georgia’s Fulton County has been delayed due to the Dominion Voting Systems mobile server crashing on Sunday evening.Officials in the county, which includes Atlanta, said that the server was newly purchased.“Technicians from Dominion have been dispatched to resolve the issue,” Fulton County officials said in a statement obtained by local station WXIA-TV. “The Georgia Secretary of State’s office has also been alerted to the issue and is aware of efforts to resolve the problem.”The latest incident involving Dominion will certainly not help the bad image that the controversial company has earned. Many Republicans, including President Donald Trump, have pointed to severe anomalies and outright fraud in the areas that happened to have Dominion voting machines.

      20. Yes Trump has whinged and whinged – and every one of his silly lawsuits has been tossed out. He has no basis – just mouth.

      21. Dim wit, how many times must i repeat myself before it enters your thick down syndrome skull – am an atheist praise God! My personal beliefs do not amount to squat.

      22. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Facebook honcho Mark Zuckerberg are testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee after their companies came under a firestorm of criticism for blocking The Post’s exposé on Hunter Biden’s business dealings in Ukraine and China.

      23. Now the same artist, whose genius applies to Biden’s lack there of – After the sexual abuse, the guitar asked to smoke a cigarette!

      24. Now seeing seeing that Georgia represents a crucial state, here’s my take by means of music on the situation:

        The Devil Went Down To Georgia (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli)

      25. As House Democrats prepare to reelect their entire leadership team this week, one thing has come into clear focus 14 days removed from the 2020 election: They got beat — badly.

      26. Who cares? The important thing is that Trump has gone with all his lies, fake news and destructive stupidity. Biden won.

      27. Trump’s term – highest number of blacks killed by police, most environmental damage, dramatic rise in numbers of fascist groups, huge rise in conspiracy theories, fake news and lies. Massive loss of international respect, huge profits for the rich, more poverty, more pollution, more fravcking, more propping up of redundant industry, lots of money wasted on stupid walls.

      28. Rubbish, bring your know it all British press that supports such obvious stupidity. Almost 10% more blacks voted for Trump in 2020 than they did in 2016.

      29. Talking about yourself again Moshe?? When you stop believing all the bullshit coming out of Trump you might get a bit of reality!!

      30. Left-leaning politicians and pundits excoriate President Donald Trump for his alleged racism, but many black Americans appreciate Trump’s historic achievements for the black community. Georgia House Rep. Vernon Jones (D) has praised Trump as a champion for black Americans while castigating Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s record when it comes to the black community.

      31. Lol Moshe – According to AP VoteCast, Trump won 8 percent of the Black vote, about a 2 percentage-point gain on his 2016 numbers. Ho Ho Ho – That means that 92% of blacks voted Biden!! You really are clutching at straws.

      32. Yo silly boy, at this stage these AP VoteCast #’s base themselves upon statistical polls.

        President Donald Trump actually improved his standing with Black voters over four years ago. And he may have done even better than 2 percentage points. If you compare the CCES numbers to the results of 2020 exit polls by Edison Research, Trump actually improved by 4 percentage points. A clearer picture will emerge in the years to come. Confirming whom poll respondents actually voted for takes time. Pew Research Center study on the 2016 election’s demographic breakdowns of verified voters was published not months after that contest, but in August 2018. AP and Edison pollsters are still adjusting the weighting on their data.

      33. The Georgia secretary of state’s office reported Tuesday that a second county in as many days was discovered to have not counted all its votes on Election Day.

        In both instances, the votes unearthed during the Peach State’s hand recount of the presidential race resulted in Democratic Joe Biden’s lead over President Donald Trump narrowing.

        “Gabriel Sterling with the GA Sec. of State’s office says 2,755 votes discovered in Fayette County. Unlike in Floyd County, these were scanned votes that were in the system. 1,577 for Donald Trump 1,128 for Joe Biden. This makes a net gain of over 400 for Trump,” WXIA-TV reporter Hope Ford tweeted.

      34. The recount in Georgia is going Biden’s way the same as before!! You believe garbage from right-wing propaganda. Get some real news!!

      35. I love it!! The more this goes on the more they’ll rub his stupid nose in it!! Trump lost big time!! A temporary injunction stopping machines being wiped – a major win – I think not. Just more bullshit dragging it out. I hope the guy really suffers for all this daft conspiracy and lies!

    3. This election will undoubtedly go down in history as the nation’s largest three-ring circus. No matter how you slice it, we’ve seen nothing but one spectacle after another. The pinnacle of the event? A dancing donkey known as Creepy Joe. For some incomprehensible reason, Democrats want us to believe that some washed up politician that failed to keep his promise to cure cancer while simultaneously standing on one lie after the other actually beat the one and only Donald Trump fair and square. Biden will work to undo everything Trump accomplished, just to go back to a world where the Oval Office was sold to the highest bidder.

      1. Yes – Joe Biden with all his faults is a thousand times better. He believes in science and will care for the environment. He doesn’t pump out lies and conspiracy theories.
        I told you – a bag of shit is better than Trump.

      2. They voted him in because they hate Trump. But he’ll bring America back together a lot more and bring sanity back into office.

      3. I can speak how I like Moshe. What happens in America affects us all. Fortunately America has rectified its mistake. 6 million votes more!!

  2. Republicans have gained at least 15 seats House seats this election. Come let’s make a sing a long for pathetic Nancy Pelosi: “Those were the days my friends, we thought they’d never end etc” LOL

  3. Now a bit of news from Middle East Eye, a pro Arab news paper:

    In December 2017, the Trump administration broke with the international community and recognised the entire city of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. In November 2019, the Trump administration said that it no longer considered Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank to violate international law, once again going against broad diplomatic consensus.

    Current US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is set to visit an illegal Israeli settlement in the Palestinian West Bank and the Syrian Golan Heights in coming days, marking the first visit of a US secretary of state to the occupied Palestinian and Syrian areas. He will notably visit Psagot Winery, which named a wine in his honour in February.

    The latest move saw the Israel Land Authority issue construction tenders in Givat Hamatos, a currently uninhabited area of East Jerusalem next to the mainly Palestinian neighbourhood of Beit Safafa.

    In February, Israel’s right-wing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced the approval of 3,000 homes in the area.

      1. Ecosystem vs. Egosystem.  Israeli foreign policy for the Middle East and North Africa needs to focus upon the ”greater good” for the regional economy.  Making regional economic prosperity the priority of any brit alliance with foreign countries in the region.  Nations which prioritize an egosystem, I must win and prevail over the competition; this narcissistic personality disorder projected onto a national level promotes chaos and social instability.

        Israeli foreign policy must of absolute necessity seek to integrate our Cohen nation into Middle East and North African economies.  Integration does not mean assimilation to these foreign cultures and customs.  Rather an ecosystem foreign policy strives to establish transboundary conservation areas.  Meaning, large scale protected economic habitats, previously referred to as clearly defined as international trade routes; protected territory that supersedes national political borders.

        Making a protected habitat learns from the African model of making wild animal game preserves.  The call of the wild and the predator/prey model does not precisely describe human international relationships.  But wild animal preservation sites do well serve as a model by which to establish the basis for protected international trading routes.  Friendliness in international economic relations promotes regional stability and harmony.  Israel cannot demand that Arab and Muslim countries repatriate their stateless Arab refugee Balestinian populations unless, such a population transfer assures economic prosperity and land development in both farming and ranching industries.  Balestinians have no motivation to seek Arab citizenship in countries across the Middle East and North Africa, unless these economies desperately need to import labor from abroad.

      2. For once a rational and intelligent, coherent and reasoned input. I would largely agree. Though people have to be put first. Good trade and relationships with all countries need to be established and instead of assimilating the Palestinians into Arab countries they should be given their own land and reparations made.

      3. Don’t talk bollocks. We don’t treat the Irish as second-rate citizens in their own land. Neither do we have barriers and checkpoints. People are free.

  4. Now lets look at how the President views a Neo-Con war monger. Ya got to laugh at this:
    “John Bolton was one of the dumbest people in government that I’ve had the ‘pleasure’ to work with,” the president tweeted Sunday. “A sullen, dull and quiet guy, he added nothing to National Security except, ‘Gee, let’s go to war.’ Also, illegally released much Classified Information. A real dope!”

  5. In the waning days of the Obozo administration, the US pushed the UN Security Council to pass UNSC 2334. The US orchestrated this resolution and cajoled all the other Security Council members to support it, where a US abstention would allow the resolution to pass. Clearly this was a deliberate message from the Obama administration to Netanyahu. But what role did Joe Biden have in it?

    A wealth of evidence is now emerging that, far from simply abstaining from a UN vote, which is how the Administration and its press circle at first sought to characterize its actions, the anti-Israel resolution was actively vetted at the highest levels of the U.S. Administration, which then led a pressure campaign—both directly and through Great Britain—to convince other countries to vote in favor of it.

    One tangible consequence of the high-level U.S. campaign was a phone call from Vice President Joseph Biden to Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, which succeeded in changing Ukraine’s vote from an expected abstention to a “yes.” According to one U.S. national security source, the Obama Administration needed a 14-0 vote to justify what the source called “the optics” of its own abstention.

      1. Silly Boy, neither you nor your corrupt UN determines the legality of Jewish settlements. By your perverted math, the American colonies were illegal settlements!! HaHaHaHaHa marry Xmas HoHoHo

      2. That’s the kettle calling the pot black. Remind me who and where did the Nazis originate. Oh yea those sub human European barbarian stock of apes.

      3. No idiot – they originated in the minds of men. They are still alive today in the minds of men in Europe, the USA, Israel and Brazil. They start with doing all the things you do – stereotyping, racist, describing races as subhuman, denying human rights, denying equality. You, my friend, are the living embodiment of the Nazis you condemn.

      4. So-called ‘Palestinian Islamic scholar’ condemns “liberal, whoring Western culture that has thrust mankind into a world of bestiality”

  6. More foreign leaders so far have congratulated Joe Biden’s election than GOP senators. HaHaHaHa :). A real path to Trump overturning the results exists. The details, perhaps a bit arcane, but in a scenario where state legislatures conclude that the DemoRATS corrupted the popular vote, these GOP Legislatures the constitution can discard the “corrupted” popular vote! Republican-controlled state legislatures could then appoint sympathetic electors who would cast votes for Trump, even if Biden won those states’ popular vote. Utterly far-fetched Ophar declares! An unfathomable path! But several of the components needed to make it happen – already in play: a willing legislature, a pliable judiciary and a belief among millions of Americans that the DemoRATS corrupted the “true” election results. Marry Xmas HoHOHA!

      1. Michigan Witness and Former US Congressional Candidate Speaks Out — Saw the Biden Ballot Dump at 4 AM and Witnessed Officials Tampering with Tabulators!

      2. Still coming out with foolish conspiracy theories eh Moshe? All these ridiculous claims have no substance they have been chucked out of courts with scathing comments. Sydney Powell dumped. Her silly lies and claims being considered too preposterous – even for Trump!!
        Trump Lost!!

      3. Perhaps. But the lower courts under US law move up to the Supreme Court. You strut like a cock in the chicken house. But till the Supreme Court makes its ruling, the matter of this past election remains in doubt. Just that simple. Pooche go bark up at another tree.

      4. It will never go to the Supreme court, Moshe. It is cut and dried. Too big a majority in every case! Keep reading the propaganda shite! But don’t hold your breath. There is no substance to any of Trump’s allegations. He’s just causing trouble.

      5. noise. Why do ya think the President pushed so hard to install a 3rd 1/3rd of the Supreme Court Justices? HoHoHo marry Xmas to fool believers and their descendants who believe in Jesus son of Zeus mythology. Britain’s next religion shall most probably be Islamic. Better start brushing up on your koran and screaming Allahu Akbar (الله أكبر).

      6. Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held secret talks in Saudi Arabia Sunday with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, media said, in the first reported trip by an Israeli premier to the kingdom.

        US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who was in Israel last week, was also at the reported talks, a diplomatic correspondent at Israeli public broadcaster Kan said on Monday.

        The broadcaster cited unnamed Israeli officials as saying that Netanyahu and the head of the Mossad spy agency, Yossi Cohen, “flew yesterday to Saudi Arabia and met Pompeo and MBS in the city of Neom”, referring to the often used initials of Prince Mohammed.

        The reported meeting comes weeks after Israel agreed historic US-brokered deals to normalise ties with two Saudi allies in the Gulf, the UAE and Bahrain, pacts known as the Abraham Accords.

        Multiple other Israeli media outlets reported on a Netanyahu trip to Saudi Arabia, including prominent diplomatic correspondent Barak Ravid of Walla News and Axios, who reported Netanyahu and Cohen flew on a plane belonging to Israeli businessman Udi Angel.

      7. Bloomberg and The New York Times are reporting that the incoming presidential administration has chosen longtime Biden advisor Tony Blinken for the role of Secretary of State. Blinken is a liberal interventionist who has supported all of the most disgusting acts of U.S. mass military slaughter this millennium, including the Iraq invasion which killed over a million people and ushered in an unprecedented era of military expansionism in the Middle East.

        “Blinken was a key adviser to Biden when the senator voted to authorize the use of force against Iraq,” Nonzero reports. “Blinken has tried to recast the vote as merely ‘a vote for tough diplomacy,’ but post-invasion remarks by Biden make that claim implausible. In a recent Washington Post op-ed that Blinken co-authored with Robert Kagan, one of the chief architects of neoconservative foreign policy doctrine, he implied that the problem with the Iraq War was poor execution (‘bad intelligence, misguided strategy and inadequate planning for the day after’) rather than the very idea of invading a country in violation of international law even after it had admitted weapons inspectors to assess the claims motivating the invasion.”

      8. I thought you were saying that Trump was going to continue! That the supreme court would award him the election? Now you are accepting it’s Biden and getting yourself in a state because they are a fairer administration and won’t prop up a corrupt state. You’re all over the place Moshe – clutching at straws and conspiracies and believing everything the propaganda machines are churning out!
        Trump has gone. We’ll see what the ME policies are. They won’t be skewed to Israel as much. They might well push for a proper solution that involves both sides!
        BTW – Trump has killed 258,000 so far – more that was killed in all wars with the exception of WW2 – WW1, Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Iraq, Afghanistan all put together! The biggest death-rate of any president of the USA in history! All because of his terrible leadership.

      9. Pooche, when will he pull your head out of the sand and realize that the American election has nothing to do with either You or me. Your British and I am an Israeli American who can vote in US elections.

      10. Moshe – be realistic for once – you know as well as I do that the way America is governed affects us all. We’ve just had four years of chaos and ineptitude. We can at least look forward to four years of calm and stability.

      11. Israeli Arab peace with 3 Arab countries and the Israeli PM in direct talks with Saudi Arabia in Saudi Arabia & you call this amazing accomplishment chaos and ineptitude?! Bollocks.

      12. Dear Mr. President and Family,
        Sincerest Hope that your Thanksgiving expressed tremendous joy.  Mr. President, boxing requires both Offense and Defense; Comparable to boxers.  To quote Mohammad Ali: fighters like “throwing punches in bunches”…left and right, right and left, left uppercut, right
        over-head jab etc.  Sir ya beat both Hillery and the Bush dynasty.  Oboza your 1st 4 years totally repudiated.  In place of Hillery, your opposition 4 years later faces Biden.  Clearly you went into the 2016 election as the under-dog.  Biden shall attempt to continue Obozopolicies.  The EU will embrace a humiliated US.  No blessing comes to the nation who discovers this disgrace.  The WW2 Crown – the EU assumes that this Crown belongs to them!  Just recently the US heavyweight champion suffered a knockout defeat by the Heavyweight champion of England.

        The follow up hand punches in bunches thrown by the GOP ‘Loyal Opposition’; where Nancy and her crowd behaved with disgrace.  You Sir Mr. President lead the Opposition to 4 years of Joe Biden.  Let the American people see and discern for themselves, the Man who 72 Million Americans favored as their Leader.  Mohammad Ali won: (Cassius Clay); lost\lost: (1st Frazier fight); won/ won – Victory of Championship Foreman Ali fight. The Art of Politics most essentially involves skill as the ‘Loyal Opposition’.  Pelosi by contrast expressed the ‘Disloyal Opposition’.
        Ya can rebill the 2024 election as the rematch between Hillery Clinton and Yourself!  The appeal to see a rematch wow wow wow!!!  How shall Hillery and her health stand 4 years in the future — that’s in the hand of God(s).  Your Opposition stands upon the Judgment – that Biden shall fail – both Domestically/economy, race relations etc and also Internationally.  Biden shall run back to Europelike a dog with his tail tucked between his legs.  Another Patronage Government, but the time has run out: A Government that has no gold, cannot forever throw money (aimed to solve) at the US National Debt disaster!  Biden represents the repetition of Hoover.  Therepetition of Obozo economic fraud and incompetence shall return “in spades”.

        Blessings from your servant
        mosc kerr

      13. That’s hilarious Moshe. I’ll do one!
        Dear Mr President (we’re counting the days),
        I’m not sure how you can face Thanksgiving with 262,000 American deaths on your hands – all due to your ineptitude. But I bet, you being a sociopath, that won’t bother you too much.
        Thank heaven we are finally getting away from the hate and division you have been sowing.
        We won’t miss the fake news, conspiracy theories or undermining of science either.
        I’m sure you will continue to fire out your lying tweets to your base to try to incite them some more. They sure lap it up. You must be very proud.
        What will the KKK, neo-Nazis and white supremacists do without you? Probably much the same – strut around with their assault rifles, frightened to death of Muslims and immigrants, blacks and Hispanics.
        Finally we’ll be able to start putting right some of the damage you’ve done to the environment. We can get back into the Paris accord and start sorting out global warming. Then we can do something about sustainable energy and biodiversity. The day you leave office will be a great day for the planet.
        We can also start backing the UN properly, getting back into the WHO and talking to our allies in a friendly manner.
        I hope your tax evasion and dodgy deals catch up with you quickly and you spend the rest of your days locked up where you belong.
        You’ve been the biggest conman and snake-oil salesman on the planet.
        But now you’re a loser!!
        Good riddance to you!!

      14. Copied and pasted your response on to my wordpress blog. HaHaHaHaHa time will tell which prevailed: my Blessing or Your curse.

      15. Yes – and I repeat – until Israel addresses the issue of the people it forcibly displaced and now keeps bottled up in dire conditions, it will not achieve peace!

      16. Withdrawal all British settlers – including their descendants – from N. Ireland. Pull the beam out of your own eye before jabbering about the splinter in the Israeli eye.

      17. Well as there is complete freedom of movement without any restrictions between Ireland and the UK that is a ridiculous thing to say. We don’t cage people behind walls into slum areas and steal their land like you are doing.

      18. Israel repatriated our some 800,000 Jewish refugee populations unilaterally expelled from Arab and Muslim countries in 1948. The 27 Arab and Muslim countries must equally do the same with their Arab refugee populations. Its called: JUSTICE.

      19. Israel displaced the Palestinians from lands they had settled and occupied for hundreds of years. Those displaced people require reconciling before there can be peace. They are a festering wound.
        When the Jews were displaced from their homeland they spent two thousand years scheming to take it back.
        That’s the size of the problem. Until it is resolved there is war.

      20. Saudi Arabia announced on Monday evening that it has officially given approval for Israeli airlines to fly over the country’s airspace, dramatically shortening flying times to the east and finally allowing Israeli airlines to offer direct flights to Dubai, Israeli media reported.

      21. Good heavens – I thought you were in Israel – not Cuckooland. You have been reading far too much propaganda. I’ve heard so many of this obscene right-wing scaremongering about floods of Muslims. Our present population has 4.4% Muslims. I hardly think that they are about to take over! That’s just daft and incitement of fear. At currently 17.8% Muslim Israel is four times greater!

      22. PENNSYLVANIA: Judge rules 2020 Pennsylvania election likely was unconstitutional, gives State legislators power to choose electors!

  7. Now an example of why CNN = Fake News. On November 13 CNN anchor Christiane Amanpour compared Kristallnacht to President Trump’s term. Never before in the history of U.S. news networks did a journalist distort the Holocaust for political purposes as Amanpour just did on on CNN & PBS.

    The Nazis murdered about 90 Jews on Kristallnacht. They also arrested over 30,000 Jews and deported them to concentration camps. The night of Kristallnacht was the opening chapter to the Holocaust, in which Nazi Germany murdered six million Jews across Europe and North Africa, and the permanent stain proving European barbarity and sub human moral status.

    Former Israeli consul-general in New York Danny Dayan tweeted that “the foolish comparison Amanpour made between Kristallnacht and Trump must bring about her immediate dismissal from CNN. There is no immunity for Holocaust deniers.”

    1. A good comparison. The empowering of the extreme right-wing, white supremacists and antisemites. Left much longer it would have been full-blown tyrannical fascism and you’d have found Jews strung up on lamp posts. Fortunately Biden put an end to it.

    1. I am quite happy to embrace all the war crimes committed by my government, past and present. I’ve consistently been the establishment’s biggest critic. However, the Irish situation goes back a long way to Cromwell, and there have been crimes on both sides. Some of the acts carried out by English governments were despicable. But they were equally despicable against their own people.
      Like the Israeli government (and just about every other) the elite impose their exploitation with a heavy hand. They’ve never done it in my name!

      1. I’m not aware that we are making as much mess as you at the minute Moshe. The Israeli treatment of the displaced people is appalling.

      2. Horse feathers. How many Irishmen, specifically excluding the barbarian Northern Ireland English invaders, sit on the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom? Zip nadda no one —– ever.

      3. “Where are your Jews?” — UN Watch’s Hillel Neuer asked Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Syria, and other Middle Eastern countries on Jewish Refugees Day, when the fate of 850,000 Jewish refugees forced out of Arab countries and Iran in the 20th century is commemorated. (UNWatch, Dec. 1, 2020)

      4. SAUDI ARABIA AGREES TO ALLOW ISRAELI COMMERCIAL PLANES TO CROSS ITS AIRSPACE (Riyadh) — Saudi Arabia agreed to let Israeli airliners cross its airspace en route to the United Arab Emirates after talks between Saudi officials and White House senior adviser Jared Kushner, a senior Trump administration official said. Kushner and Middle East envoys Avi Berkowitz and Brian Hook raised the issue shortly after they arrived in Saudi Arabia for talks. (Algemeiner, Nov. 30, 2020)

      5. And rightly so. It would be great to get everything normalised. As soon as the reparations are made to the Palestinians things can really settle.

      6. Bunk on low priority Arab stateless refugees (Balestinians). Israeli foreign policy prioritizes the importance for Kurdish national Independence.

      7. “I expect more normalization announcements. Whether they’ll come in the next 30 days or 60 days or six months is difficult to know, but the direction of travel is very clear, and the rationale for that has a little bit to do with American policy. We got it right. We took away the excuse of the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. We took away the excuse that the United States was going to appease Iran.” – US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to Bret Baier on Fox News. (US Dept. of State, Nov. 24, 2020)

      8. Dream on. You believe too many right-wing conspiracy theories. You should try looking at real news sometimes.

      9. Very true Moshe – you’re learning. It’s slow progress but I know you can get there. We’ll make a compassionate human being out of you yet.

      10. EGYPT SEEKS ALLIANCE WITH SUDAN, ISRAEL TO COUNTER TURKISH INFLUENCE IN SOMALIA (Cairo) — Yeni Safak, a Turkish daily, reported on Nov. 14 that Egyptian, Israeli and Sudanese senior military officials will hold a meeting to discuss security coordination in the Red Sea region and plans to limit the Turkish influence in the region, upon an Egyptian request, as Egypt “is not at ease” with the Turkish incursion into Somalia. The newspaper indicated that Egyptian General Intelligence Service officials, the Egyptian deputy defense minister and the Egyptian commander of the Southern Region will take part in the meeting. (Al-Monitor, Nov. 20, 2020)

      11. All signs that things could move if only Israel would resolve the Palestinian situation – the festering sore.

      12. The barbarian European imperialists seek to differentiate products produced in Israel from products produced in Samaria Israel.

      13. Israeli foreign policy seeks to separate and distinguish Middle East and North African countries as ‘most favored nation trading’, from the stinky sub human EU and British countries. When Israel became independent in 1948, post war Europe offered excellent trading markets. 21st Century Israeli interests have radically changed, what with the EU imperialism expressed through hostile UN Resolutions starting with 242, 338, and culminating with the Obozo imperialism of 2334. Israeli foreign policy has the objective to make Arab and Muslim countries in the Middle East and North Africa the primary trading partners of the Jewish State.

        Israeli trade with Europe shall ideally mature into an Israeli 1st world Europe 3rd world relationship; Israel limits imports from Europe only to natural unprocessed goods; the model of such an economic policy of diplomacy aimed at Europe as a whole, with a few exceptions the Czech State, one of a few specific particulars, Israel trade with the EU as if these sub human countries existed as inferior colonies.

      14. Hillel Neuer Testifies in Knesset on the UN’s Anti-Israel Obsession: UN Watch, Nov. 27, 2020 – Hillel Neuer testifies in the Knesset on the UN’s anti-Israel obsession: “The UN Charter guarantees equal treatment to all nations. Yet nowhere is that promise violated more frequently and egregiously than by the UN’s one-sided, disproportionate & selective resolutions that single out Israel for discriminatory treatment.”

      15. Another Trump stupidity. He’s lost every one of them and made himself look more of a fool than he is! One more stupidity. What a waste of money – although it seems that Trump is siphoning off the money sent in from all his idiot followers to pay off his own losses. He’s such a conman. He wants to keep this up in order to keep the money flowing in. That’s all that matters.

      16. Mr. Hilberg opens with a brief history of anti-Semitism, the cultural taproot that made the Holocaust possible: first, Christian anti-Semitism, the anti-Jewish attitudes that were embedded in Western consciousness over the centuries by the Christian church; then the emergence in the 19th century of racial and political anti-Semitism. A salient point here is that the Christian policy of converting all Jews and state policies of getting rid of Jews by expulsion had never advanced to physical annihilation. It took Hitler, the Nazis and the Third Reich to plunge into the abyss of savagery. ”The missionaries of Christianity had said in effect: You have no right to live among us as Jews,” Mr. Hilberg writes. ”The secular rulers who followed had proclaimed: You have no right to live among us. The German Nazis at last decreed: You have no right to live. . . . The German Nazis, then, did not discard the past; they built upon it. They did not begin a development; they completed it.”

      17. Yes – I would agree with that. Religion is a poison. So is nationalism. One world – one people.
        That is one of the things that is wrong with Israel – riddled with religion and nationalism.
        The other is that it is consumed by hatred.
        A third is that it takes exactly that view of the Palestinians that Christian took of the Jews – persecutes and treats them like vermin.

      18. Ho Ho Ho Marry Xmas … ooops Bethlehem, a city while under Jewish governance had a Xtian majority population, but since Israel turned that city over to the Balistinian Authority (BA), now that city has almost no Xtians! Good Job Balestinians, ya’ll expel the foreign Xtian abomination sub human elements and afterwards Israel expel the Balestinian stateless Arab refugees.

      19. Doesn’t have to be that way at all. Nations are outmoded tribal institutions. Time they went. Too many multinationals and powerful individuals abusing the system – avoiding tax, exploiting people. They need curtailing and that means an international body.

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