Poetry – Poor Mr Trump

Poor Mr Trump

Poor Mr Trump is being abused

They are stealing his election.

His observers were refused

By crooked political connection.

They burnt all the Trump votes

And filled out millions for Biden.

The whole election was a hoax.

The rift will only widen.

The armed militia are on the street

As Trump refuses to concede.

He can’t accept defeat.

Smooth transfer does recede.

Trump has a massive lust for power.

The power he’s got he does abuse.

He’s pouring petrol on the fire.

Spreading lies and fake news.

But cometh the man, cometh the hour.

Trump finally makes off with the loot

As Biden rightly seizes power.

Trump is given the trusty boot!

Opher – 10.11.2020

There are incredible scenes taking place in the USA as Trump stokes up the flames.

He lost but he can’t face it. There are bad losers and there’s Trump!

He’s spreading lies and rumours – still claiming victory. He doesn’t care if he destroys democracy in the process or even sparks a civil war.

Good riddance Trump!!

228 thoughts on “Poetry – Poor Mr Trump

  1. Dear Mr. President,

    It appears that through hook and crook the Democrats have put their man as the 46th President. This report, if accurate, places you and your capable family/dynasty into the Opposition. Pelosi’s days i suspect that she shall not long remain Speaker of the House. The first responsibility of Government: to prevent Civil War among the American people. The GOP now shall desperately require your leadership. Expect horrid corruption, worse than under Grant, with the Biden Administration. Your campaign to re election merits full amazement and respect for your energy and drive. Four years of Democrat corruption shall bring hard times upon the American people, the minority populations in particular.

    As the leader of the GOP opposition you can possibly shape the Party that surpasses Goldwater’s influence, seeing that he never sat as a US President. I hope my country Israel shall fully support your opposition to the corrupt Democrat rule. We have a tremendous debt of gratitude to your wonderful leadership and vision. Biden most probably shall attempt to mend fences with the Europeans. But time most certainly will reveal the incompetence of this man and his Administration.

    Leading the Opposition to the Party in power obviously has its limitations. But the influence of Obama and Clinton, and the Bush family ended with their two terms as President, her 3rd major defeat, and low energy Jeb; during your first 4 yr term these once powerful folk sat, for the most part, upon the margins of the political arena. Your situation more closely resembles the Wilderness years (a reference made by Winston Churchill as a back bencher of Parliament) of Ronald Reagan. I remember the Reagan Opposition and his speeches he delivered by means of radio. Twitter, it and Facebook now serve as a hostile political format. Rush Limbaugh, he’s a dying man. You can fill his shoes and give a vision of hope to the American people. FDR with his fireside chats accomplished this during the travails of the Great Depression.

    America faces hard times. Debt, the Federal debt, has reached its crunch. The RATS have no vision how to drastically reduce the size of the American government. Better for the house of cards to collapse under their treasonous regime. American society, our civilization, faces a new Hoover, an Administration comparable to that of the insanity of the syphilis infected brain of George III. That brain dead fool caused England to lose the American colonies – thank G-d! Biden, received a lot of honest votes by silly American reactionaries. From day 1 of your Presidency the treasonous DemoRATS sought to poison your good name in the eyes of the politically uninformed within our society.

    Mr. President, famine years – perhaps comparable to the plague during Yosef’s years as 2nd in command of the government of Par’o – years of Depression fast approaches America and the entire world. In the opposition you can shine a vision of direction and leadership that you could never have done while sitting as the Head of State. America must change its course. Incompetent Biden will attempt to throw money to solve a long term, post WW2, disease: the American empire which replaced the American Republic as Center Stage. Your ‘America First’ stands up to bat, so to speak, when the political curtain falls. National Debt and perfidious Government corruption, sticks to the DemoRATS like flies on shit. Humanity remembers the vision of the prophets as they sat as the vocal opposition to the misrule and injustice imposed by the ancient kings of Israel and Yechuda.

    The prophets, these leaders did not foretell the future, rather they commanded a mussar that applies to all generations of people who make fundamental bad choices, like the American people did when they chose Biden. Please Mr. President, it’s a tuma Yatzir to permit feelings of bitterness to drive your emotions!!!!!!! A wise man separates external events from personal internal feelings. Reactionary fools assume that what they feel determines and shapes the reality they live in. The Pelosi Opposition against your Administration, her attempt to impeach you exposed an illogical ad hominem irrationalism which dominated the DemoRATS mind and clouded their judgments. The curtain’s fast coming down upon the post WW2 American ‘policeman of the planet’ empire. Your leadership at this time has the potential to far surpass the Ron Paul Opposition to the GOP in the 4 years prior to his 2nd attempt to rule as POTUS.

    Unlike Obozo, that shoe shine boy who sat in the White House for two terms of Office, you have the Constitutional Right to run again for the Office of POTUS. Once you lived the life of a businessman, but you chose to enter the field of Politicians. You have set your course not just for yourself alone but for your capable children. This defeat before a moron, a bitter pill to swallow. But humility defined the spirit of Moshe, the man who served as the servant of HaShem. Command your children that they reject the reactionary narishkeit which dominated the treasonous DemoRATS throughout your first term of Office – do not permit the feeling and emotions you feel to “form & shape” your perceptions of the American political realities. Remember that European countries opposed your Government. The Biden Administration shall foolishly attempt to re-connect America to the European economy. The Ron Paul Opposition followed the leadership taken by Andrew Jackson. As President, who has yet to rule two terms of Office, American society needs to reject the model established by the Whig Prime Minister Walpole. The issue at stake: not socialism but rather Patronage!!!! The latter political concept of leadership holds that the Central Government has a “mandate” that determines the Corporate monopolies which dominate the domestic markets of the United States.

    The Democrat Wilson, through slight of hand, succeeded in getting Congress to establish the Federal Reserve. This accomplishment did not just happen. The post Civil War governments in Washington, specifically the radical Republicans, greatly restricted Lincoln’s ‘greenbacks’ in circulation and thereby concentrated wealth into the hands of the robber barons, which set the stage for Wilson’s Xmas eve passage of the Federal Reserve. The Great Depression witness again a powerful restriction of the American money supply, this time by the Federal Reserve rather than post Civil War Congress. The ensuing Depression permitted Democrat FDR to concentrate farming ownership into the hands of great Corporate monopolies. These Corporate monopolies demand huge Federal monetary support. Patronage not only establishes Corporate monopolies but the Federal bureaucracies which protect these “to big to fail” Corporate monopolies – established by the Federal Government.

    The Walpole vision of Patronage shaped all post Civil War governments in Washington to this very day!!!! Mr. President, had you won this last election, the treasonous DemoRATS would have tried to provoke a second American Civil War. The first rule of governing: prevent your Country from falling into a Civil War. You must not permit yourself or your family from letting feelings of bitterness to color your perception of current American politics!!!!! Mr. President, let the American people express our extreme bitterness against DemoRAT perfidy. You as the leader of the Opposition must never permit neither you nor your capable family of expressing reactionary bitterness and rage. The Torah commanded Aaron and his children not to publicly mourn the dead of his two eldest children. Emotions must never shape political reality.

    Best Regards,
    your faithful servant
    mosc kerr

      1. Ron Klain, the long-serving aide to former Vice President Joe Biden who was named White House chief of staff Wednesday in the event his boss is certified as the winner of the election, tweeted in 2014 that he believed American elections are rigged.

    1. All will become clear soon. The liar Trump pumping out conspiracy theories and lies attempts to hang on to power and threatens democracy. Disgusting.

      1. Funny when Gore took Bush to court for Governor Jeb Bush’s Florida voting fraud, no one called it “conspiracy theories, lies etc etc etc”.

      2. Because the hanging chad was clear fraud. The margin was narrow. 5 million votes and counting! We’re not talking fraud by his brother in one state. He’s lost and lost by a lot. He needs to learn to accept it and concede before he is booted out by the secret service!

      1. Pumping out lawsuits with no basis. Claiming malpractice with no evidence – is conspiracy. A bad loser. He will make himself look stupid.

      2. And once the lid of corruption blows off the Democrats latest coup attempt, who knows if Pelosi will even keep the gavel.
        For now, Republicans can celebrate the consistency of maintaining McConnell, a Republican stalwart under the circumstances.

        Thankfully, McConnell has been unanimously reelected as the leader of the Senate GOP, thus guaranteeing a limit to Joe Biden’s attacks against America.

      3. I’m sure that Biden will use his executive powers wisely and extensively – if necessary. Looks like it’s goodbye to the populist movement and sucking up to Israel. Things have changed. Get used to it. You don’t want to be a bad loser like Trump.

      4. Moshe – if you can’t put together a coherent argument, or make a valid statement, or show some intelligence, then this is pointless. I simply delete your tirade of racism and abuse. It is not worthy of replying to. I do not tolerate racism on my site.
        Now, I don’t mind a reasoned debate about politics but you come out with the same boring right-0wings lies and propaganda. Try thinking and reasoning instead of clinging to silliness.
        In terms of cooking – yes – I can cook quite well. I take my share of meal preparation as if only fair.

      5. An official at Georgia Secretary of State’s office says that some people did illegally vote in the state. He said he expects an investigation to find that double-voters, and those who do not qualify to register, have voted in Georgia.

        Gabriel Sterling, manager of Voting System Implementation at Georgia Secretary of State’s office, said:

        “Let me be perfectly clear on another point: We are going to find that people did illegally vote. That’s going to happen. There are going to be double voters. There are going to be people who should, did not have the qualifications of a registered voter to vote in the state. That will be found.”

        He said there will be an audit of the vote count and most likely a recount requested by the president. He noted, “When the margins are this tight, every little thing matters.”

      6. Trump, unlike Obozo, nominated For Nobel Peace Prize For Actually Doing Something. Trump secures Third Historic Middle East Peace Deal, with Sudan.

      7. Thankfully, McConnell has been unanimously reelected as the leader of the Senate GOP, thus guaranteeing a limit to Joe Biden’s attacks against America.

      8. The present election, as many Democrat House seats won in 2018 flipped back to ‘Red’ in a rebuking of the Democrats hard Left-Socialists’ policies in 2020. No 2020 Blue Wave despite all of the pre-Election hype propaganda by means of false polls. Republicans have been heartened by the House results, which many believe position them for a strong run for the majority in the 2022 elections. They also bolstered their distressingly low number of women representatives from 13 to at least 26, a record for the GOP, according to the Center for American Women and Politics at Rutgers University, and were adding new ethnic minority lawmakers as well.

        Democrats went into Election Day with a 232-197 House advantage, plus an independent and five open seats. With some races remaining undecided, it was possible that in the new Congress that convenes in January they’ll have the smallest majority since Republicans had just 221 seats two decades ago.

      9. But seriously, read my perception and reflections on things. I really do not like it when people are not able to think about the other side after seeing how things have developed.

      10. I judge people on what I see Marty. Politicians rarely produce change. They resist it. I don’t think Trump introduced anything new in the way of ideas. He merely did the same old thing, worked on peoples’ fears, generated hate and bounced their wishes back at them. He used office to line his own pockets and actively created division for his own ends.
        It’s the same thing that politicians have been doing for decades.
        Bob Dylan sung about it in ‘Only A Pawn In Their Game’ A South politician preaches to the poor white man
        “You got more than the blacks, don’t complain
        You’re better than them, you been born with white skin, ” they explain
        And the Negro’s name
        Is used, it is plain
        For the politician’s gain
        As he rises to fame
        And the poor white remains
        On the caboose of the train
        But it ain’t him to blame
        He’s only a pawn in their game

      11. What happened 60 odd years ago, has nothing to do with what is going on now. If you are still stuck in the past, you will be robbed of your future. You are robbing people’s future by playing the blame game or the victim game with them.

        The poor man remains….. the poor white man remains. Because we should not be playing identity politics. But people are still hung up on Obama. As they wanted to look good. Then, they did not criticise and became lousy critics. I was one of them.

      12. Marty – it has everything to do with what is going on now. It’s a recycling of exactly the same snake oil.
        I apply blame where it is due! Trump needs blaming for a lot of things. He is the worst leader that the US has ever had. He’s killed more Americans that everybody else put together.

      13. I mean, there we go again. There is no rationality there. You blame one man. I am there saying it was Europe’s fault for letting us all travel again. We had not gotten rid of the virus, but, they allowed people to travel during the summer. It just felt like they did not want to take responsibility either. So, I so not know why you are talking about the incompetence of one man. We need to criticise every leader.

      14. Marty I don’t just blame one man. I blame all those stupid incompetent leaders – Johnson, Bolsonaro, Trump.
        It is not by chance that you have 3500 people dying every day. It is due to incompetence.

      15. I refer you to an earlier post! Places like Vietnam (close to the epicentre) and New Zealand have virtually no deaths and hardly any cases. Places like America, the UK and Brazil have hundreds of thousands of deaths.
        We knew a pandemic was coming. Obama talked about it and prepared for it. Trump disbanded the pandemic groups and when it started up claimed it was a hoax. He was a fool. His ignorance of science is alarming and responsible for all those deaths.
        New Zealand and Vietnam took immediate action and stopped the disease. It is not by chance. It is ineptitude and stupidity. Trump is doing the same with the environment. The man is a disgrace.
        The World’s Best and Worst countries at dealing with Covid-19.

        Things do not happen by chance.

        Some countries were prepared, reacted quickly and were effective at dealing with the pandemic. Others were appalling.

        The Best Countries

        Country Total number who contracted the disease Number of deaths
        Taiwan 675 7
        New Zealand 2059 25
        Iceland 5392 26
        Singapore 58218 29
        Vietnam 1347 35
        A set of countries that, before this all took off, you would not necessarily imagine doing that well. But they were prepared. They shut their borders, tracked and traced and got completely on top of it.

        The Worst Countries

        Country Total number who contracted the disease Number of deaths
        USA 19,800,000 343,000
        Brazil 7,620,000 195,000
        India 10,300,000 149,000
        Mexico 1,140,000 125,000
        UK 2,430,000 73,000
        It looks like a list of countries run by populist narcissists! This bunch were unprepared, complacent, did not prepare, dithered, denied and were utterly ineffective.

        How does it feel to be in the top five most incompetent and useless? Nearly a million unnecessary deaths between the five of them!

      16. Today, Trump scored a major victory on the covid front. And while leftists are busy celebrating Biden, Trump is celebrating the news that Pfizer’s vaccine looks to be 90% effective in staving off covid-19.

        This development is so huge, the stock market rallied with a bang! Once again, Trump hit the nail on the head.

      17. You mean a major victory with record high levels of new cases and deaths? Over 130,000 deaths so far – one of the worst records in the world (compare to New Zealand – 35 deaths). He’s killed more people that the Korean, 1st World War, Vietnam, Cambodia and Afghanistan put together!!!
        You are blinkered or daft!!

      18. An official at Georgia Secretary of State’s office says that some people did illegally vote in the state. He said he expects an investigation to find that double-voters, and those who do not qualify to register, have voted in Georgia.

        Gabriel Sterling, manager of Voting System Implementation at Georgia Secretary of State’s office, said:

        “Let me be perfectly clear on another point: We are going to find that people did illegally vote. That’s going to happen. There are going to be double voters. There are going to be people who should, did not have the qualifications of a registered voter to vote in the state. That will be found.”

        He said there will be an audit of the vote count and most likely a recount requested by the president. He noted, “When the margins are this tight, every little thing matters.”

      19. There always are! They are a handful. I bet there’s more Republican cheats than Democrat ones! But anyway – nowhere near enough to effect the result!! Trump LOOOOSSSSTTTT!!! Get over it!!

      20. Ho Ho Ho Moshe – Are you still swallowing those extreme-right lies?
        Biden has opened up a lead of 5.3m popular votes and counting, and he is on track to win the electoral college 306-232.

        Dozens of lawsuits brought by the Trump campaign in six states to challenge the election result have gained little traction. The campaign has won minor court victories, such as requiring Pennsylvania to set aside ballots received after election day in case they are later ruled invalid.

        But that pool of ballots and others targeted in Trump lawsuits is not large enough to overcome Biden’s lead in Pennsylvania, where he is up almost 60,000 votes and counting, and in other states.

      21. Rand Paul on Twitter this week.
        “One way of determining fraud in mail-in ballots would be to examine a random sample of a few thousand to find the rate of fraud,» he wrote. «If fraud rate is low, voters may be convinced of the elections legitimacy. If the fraud rate is high, then every mail-in ballot should be examined.”

  2. Attorney General William Barr says federal prosecutors have the authority to investigate evidence of voter fraud. Pictured: Barr leaves the Capitol after meeting Monday with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky. (Photo: Samuel Corum/Getty Images)

    Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito ordered county election boards in Pennsylvania to comply with guidance requiring them to keep ballots received after 8 p.m. Election Day “in a safe, secure, and sealed container separate from other voted ballots,” as Newsweek and other outlets reported Friday. How could Alito’s directive affect returns for the presidential election?

    Additionally, The Associated Press reported that 24 Wisconsin counties had completed canvassing of election results as of Monday morning, but that “all 72 must be in before President Donald Trump could call for a recount.” How long will that take, and will other states besides Georgia recount?

    1. I’m sure that Trump will use every dirty trick he can to illegally cling to power – but HE LOST!!! Get used to it! He’s a dirty rat who would even put democracy at risk to save his own arse. I reckon he’ll be behind bars, where he belongs, before too long. His dodgy deals and tax evasion will put him away. He’s a crook.

      1. Arizona’s Senate President is now calling for an “independent analysis” of voting data, to ensure that every legal vote is properly counted,

        In Pennsylvania, a group of Republican lawmakers are calling for a full audit of the presidential election to determine if it was conducted “fairly and lawfully.”

        And, in Michigan, the Joint Senate and House Committee has subpoenaed state records to investigate voter fraud.


      3. On election night, Trump was ahead in Pennsylvania by roughly 690,000 votes with 64 percent of the vote counted, before his lead disappeared on Friday. In Michigan, Trump was winning by nearly 300,000 votes, with 65 percent of the votes recorded, before he ended up losing the state on Wednesday. In Georgia, Trump was ahead by 117,000 votes with 92 percent of the votes counted, before Biden pulled ahead on Friday. In Wisconsin, Trump was also ahead by 107,000 votes with 81 percent of the votes counted, before that was somehow called for Biden on Wednesday. Why did those states suddenly stop reporting the votes for several hours, and how is it possible that virtually all of the new votes that were tabulated went to Biden?

      4. Data analysis of the election vote transaction log reveals that over 2.7 million votes were deleted which should have gone to Trump, and that over 500K votes were switched from Trump to Biden.

        This was all done through the corrupt voting systems, including the Dominion software systems which left a back door wide open for the CIA to run election theft in real time.

        Once these results are presented to SCOTUS, the court will rule the election invalid and “tainted.”

      5. In one county in Michigan Joe Biden was well ahead, but the tally didn’t match with the past voting patterns. In the last 135 years the voters of Antrim County voted Republican in 32 of 34 elections. It turned out the software used in the voting machines had flipped as many as 6,000 votes. After the error was fixed, Donald Trump was 2,000 votes ahead of Biden. That’s some glitch.
        Another computer glitch in Oakland County Michigan caused a similar flip. What are the odds? Strangely, it didn’t flip votes up for Trump, only down. Not so much a bug perhaps as a design feature? ‘
        The Republicans asked for another 47 counties to recount their votes, but it’s worse than that. Dominion Software is used in 30 other states across the USA, including every single “key” swinging state. Some of their machines were also reportedly faulty on the day of the election and voting hours were extended for those counties to try to help those who couldn’t vote due to the breakdown.

      6. “Canadian Crown Agent” firm Dominion Voting Systems increasingly looks like it was behind much of the 2020 vote fraud as Guiliani says whistleblowers coming forward

      7. Democrats lied about Atlanta water main break to delay Georgia ballot counting
        On election night, President Trump was on the verge of winning the state of Georgia, as Republicans typically do. But then a water main supposedly broke, which delayed the count.

      8. Joe Biden called an early lid on Nov. 11, probably because he is starting to realize that he is not the legitimate president-elect, despite media claims to the contrary.

      9. Massive fraud in PA as tens of thousands of ballots found to be returned earlier than the date they were mailed
        A researcher has revealed that tens of thousands of ballots in Pennsylvania were returned earlier then their sent date, among other inconsistencies that are raising alarm about voter fraud.

      10. Georgia has had reported cases of dead people voting, forged signatures, missing signatures, mass unsolicited ballots filled out by others, and illegally cast ballots being counted.

      1. The vast, vast majority of Trump voters voted for him based on policy preferences, not the color of his skin. The 2016 election was more about people’s distaste for Hillary Clinton than it was about Obama.

        Obama – by contrast – seems convinced that the only reason Trump won is because half of America is irredeemably racist. Tell that to the black community. In this year’s election, Trump received 18 percent of the black male vote and doubled his support from black women, compared to 2016, according to Newsweek. During Obama’s presidency, race relations in America dramatic turned for the worse. Obozo, the first president that has ever sat in the White House and come out … hating America.

        People are standing behind Donald J. Trump because he is an effective and good leader who tells the truth and doesn’t … run on identity politics.

      1. While you get your news from right-wing propaganda machines!! We’ll see who’s right won’t we? No sign of any fraud yet!

      2. General statements: “propaganda machines” as opposed to specifics like Rand Paul, and Arizona’s Senate President. You keep up your unsubstantiated general declarations. HoHoHo Marry Xmas.

      3. Merry Christmas to you too Moshe. Now perhaps there will be a chance for real peace in the Middle East instead of propping up of right-wing regimes.

      4. President Donald Trump said he was confident he will get to 270 electoral votes and win the election in a Thursday interview with the Washington Examiner’s Bryon York. In the phone interview, the President talked about the different battleground states in which his campaign has contested the election results.

        Unlike your pie in the sky unsubstantiated ignorant declaration where you attempt to convince with empty declarations, I quote directly from what the President himself has said: “We’re going to win Wisconsin. Arizona — it’ll be down to 8,000 votes, and if we can do an audit of the millions of votes, we’ll find 8,000 votes easy,” he said.

        “Georgia we’re going to win, because now, we’re down to about 10,000, 11,000 votes and we have hand-counting. Hand-counting is the best.” Guess what???? North Carolina after a recount switched from Blue/Biden to Red Trump. So ya have to now reconsider the electorial college count to 270 HoHoHo Marry Xmas!!!! 🙂

      5. Despite what the establishment media and Democratic Party might be saying, Joe Biden has not won the 2020 presidential election. A shockingly high percentage of Americans continue to question the legitimacy of Biden’s apparent presidential win that so many mainstream news outlets were eager to call.

      6. Unlike your gun hoe all or nothing stupidity, I acknowledge political set backs in the 2020 election recount movement. President Trump’s campaign threw in the towel Friday on legal challenges to his projected loss in Arizona, as a judge in Michigan refused to order an audit of results that also favor Joe Biden.

      7. He Lost. He needs to concede. It’s not a setback. He’s trying to steal by forcing it to the supreme court where he has loaded it with his mob. Unfortunately for him, the margin of Biden victory is far too great. He lost fair and square and isn’t man enough to take it graciously. If he doesn’t go they’ll send in the marines and carry him out squealing!!

      8. Yo foreigner US elections do not depend upon polls. Polls which have failed to accurately predict neither the 2016 nor the 2020 Presidential elections.

      9. Silly sub human, the US – a Republic, its the electoral college count of 270 that determines the victor of any US Presidential election not the populations of California and New York. Sub human, the word “Democracy” never once employed – not in the US Constitution nor the Declaration of Independence from bonehead England.

      10. The facts are, as of Monday, a full week after election day, Biden is behind President Donald Trump in the undisputed electoral count — Biden’s 226 to Trump’s 232 ( Trump won North Carolina) — with a full 80 outstanding electoral votes in seven states still in a legal fog and unlikely to be determined much before the Dec. 14 state deadlines to report the count to Congress.

      11. Georgia’s 16 electoral votes under a scheduled recount.
        Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes under a scheduled audit and a Supreme Court order.
        Michigan’s 16 electoral votes with statehouse subpoenas for election officials.
        Wisconsin’s 10 votes under a scheduled recount and statewide canvas.
        Nevada’s six votes chasing legal challenges for fraud and a Bill Barr Justice Department investigation.
        Arizona’s 11 votes still counting and under scrutiny for voter irregularities.
        And Nebraska’s one electoral vote in their District 2 under investigation.

        That’s 80 outstanding Electoral College votes for which no one can at this point reliably predict a final resolution. How can anyone possibly know the results of any investigation, audit or recount before they have begun?

      12. The only thing that is known for certain at this date is that Biden needs to capture 44 of the remaining 80, while Trump needs only 38. The combination of states to get to either of those totals are a bit varied, but there is one final determinate that heavily advantages Trump.

        Of those seven outstanding states, all but Nevada’s six electoral votes are the responsibility of strong Republican statehouse majorities. Why, you might ask, is that important?

        The Constitution of the United States provides in Article 2 that the final authority for every elector from each state is solely vested in that state’s legislature. Meaning any final disputes or resolutions of accusations of fraud will be determined by the majorities in those states. And since all but six of these outstanding 80 votes are controlled by Republicans, Trump has more than a good shot at being re-elected.

        Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich cited on Fox on Nov. 9 the legal precedent that where election law has been violated, the court has invalidated the results of that entire vote. Even to the point of switching the result of the election from a corrupt Democrat to a Republican challenger.

      13. Pennsylvania and its 20 votes. The Supreme Court provisionally allowed ballots to be counted if they arrived before Friday, Nov. 6 and were postmarked before election day, Nov. 3, and ordered late votes to be segregated. When Justice Alito was informed that the state had not segregated the late votes, as required in the Court’s decision, Alito reaffirmed the necessity of enforcing the court order.

        Joe Biden currently leads by 37,000 votes in Pennsylvania. The number of late arriving ballots likely far exceeds this total (the state has not published this information).

        Justice Alioto and a Court majority may throw out the late ballots, likely delivering the state to Trump.

      14. Don’t talk shit. Look at the votes cast and the silly chicanery being tried by the Republicans to slow the accrediation. Biden won by huge margin. Trump was beaten by an old senile guy because they hate him so much they vote for a bag of shit.

      15. Only the Electoral College or the various state legislatures can declare a candidate the winner. To base this decision on network vote totals and projections and to call Biden the president-elect is irresponsible.

      16. Georgia just declared for Biden. Trump has no chance and people are leaving the sinking ship. You do live in cloud cuckooland. TRUMP LOST BIG TIME!!! HE LOST!!! HE LOST!!! By lots and lots! The majority of the American public hate him! It’s only the hicks in the sticks who vote for him!!

      17. Joe Biden has been declared the presumptive winner in Georgia in a shocking change of the Peachtree State’s political heart, according to NBC, ABC, and CNN. Fake noise sources – like your British propaganda noise sites. As an atheist praise God, don’t believe fake news.

      18. Yes great isn’t it? They both went the right way. People hate Trump and are prepared to put an old guy in just to get him out.

      19. Georgia presidential election count coming down to razor-thin margins, and you as an ignorant sub human call it a landslide. HoHoWhore Marry Xmas.

      20. As of Nov 15th AP counts the electoral college vote as 290 vs 232 in favor of Biden. Only fools and idiots would call that a “landslide”. But victory remains a victory. It strongly looks like the moron will get 4 years in Office. But the recounts have not finished yet.

  3. Bull shit. Yesterday PBS News Georgia Secretary of State’s Office addresses election results! An audit now required due to the 14,000 vote difference. Under such circumstances the law requires an audit independent of either the wishes of Biden or President Trump.

    Foreigner, you do not know squat about US elections.

      1. Despite the fact that Democrats have still not secured a victory in the presidential election, are unlikely to gain control of the Senate and managed to lose at least five seats in the House of Representatives when virtually all forecasts called for them to expand their majority, Pelosi and Schumer on Thursday claimed Democrats had received a “mandate” from American voters.

        The fact of the matter is that the presidential election remains undecided. The facts are that American voters apparently have crushed Schumer’s dream of finally displacing Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (Democrats will have to win two Senate runoff elections in Georgia for a majority). They delivered a rebuke to Democrats in Pelosi’s own House that few political analysts expected.

        70 million American voters voted for the President to continue his current mandate. That’s more than Obozo the clown got!!! And while it’s true that Biden’s 75 million-plus total in the popular vote was higher, a difference of 3 percent in his favor is a long way from an “embrace.”

        The fact is that Pelosi’s party didn’t win a “mandate.” It won nothing of the kind. And whatever the result of the presidential election, and even of the Georgia runoff contests, Pelosi’s propaganda won’t come close to changing that.

      2. “From 200,000 votes to less than 10,000 votes. If we can audit the total votes cast, we will easily win Arizona also!” Trump tweeted Thursday. The Associated Press called Arizona for Biden the day after last week’s presidential election despite there being approximately 600,000 votes to be counted as of 11 a.m. that day.

        CNN reported that day that Biden held approximately a 93,000-vote lead, or 51 percent to 47.6 percent (a 3.4 percentage point difference), down from over a 6-point lead on election night. And the Democrat’s lead has continued to shrink since, with Biden now ahead of Trump by 0.34 percentage points (49.41 to 49.07 percent) or 11,537 votes, as of Thursday afternoon. Trump will need to take approximately three-quarters of the outstanding ballots to pull ahead of his Democratic rival.

        Every noteworthy tabulation error that has been discovered so far appears to have worked against the Republican candidate, including in a county in Michigan, which actually went for Trump and not Biden as originally reported.

      3. West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice, who according to WPXI, refused during a Wednesday press conference to declare Biden the President-elect. Given his position, his refusal sent a strong message to West Virginia Trump supporters that he backs the president’s legal challenges to determine the true outcome of the presidential election. Justice was also quick to say that should the certified election results favor Biden as the 46th U.S. president, Justice is prepared to offer him the congrats and respect that he would deserve at that point.

        “If Joe Biden is truly our legally elected president of the United States, we should all celebrate and support him,” Justice added. Justice’s comments came in the wake of West Virginia Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin becoming the only congressional delegate in the state to acknowledge Biden’s victory, according to WV Metro News.

        Manchin said he vowed to vote against radical progressive ideas like court-packing and defunding the police, should Democrats gain a foothold in the U.S. Senate. Only time will tell, but it’s clear that there are still many out there who understand that this election isn’t over until it’s certifiably over and after the legal dust has settled.

      4. On November 9, 2016, Benjamin Netanyahu called Donald Trump to offer congratulations and to celebrate Trump’s election the day before. The two discussed “regional issues,” and in the end the president-elect invited the prime minister to the White House. It was a good call.

        A similar phone call has yet to take place between Netanyahu and the new president-elect of the United States, Joe Biden. This despite Biden having been announced on Saturday night as the winner, one who has already fielded phone calls from the leaders of France, Germany, Canada, the United Kingdom and Ireland. But the leader of Israel – the country that claims to have an intimate and unparalleled special relationship with the US – has yet to make that call.

        Netanyahu waited 12 hours on Saturday night before tweeting congratulations to Biden, and when he finally did, refrained from calling him “president-elect” even though that was exactly what he called Trump in a similar tweet he put out four years ago. Whether it was Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush or Barack Obama, every president opposed settlement activity and actively pushed for a two-state solution…NOT President Trump!!!!!!!

        The point is that opposition to settlements has always been US policy. The change came with Trump, the most unconventional of presidents, who took an alternative position on a complicated conflict. This is why in Israel there seems to be actual grieving over news that Trump has might have lost the election. G-d Forbid!!!!!!

      5. More “justice” LOL … One of the most outspoken conservative former sports stars in modern history will soon be entering the halls of Congress, as NFL legend Burgess Owens has reportedly secured a victory over his opponent in the state of Utah.

      6. Who cares? Trump has gone. That’s all that’s important. The USA will be back in the Paris accord. The legislation on environmental protection will be brought back in. Sustainable energy will be funded. Science will be funded. All is good.

      7. Do they not remember what happened four years ago? The left spent the past four years refusing to accept the results of the 2016 elections! Rather than help unify the country, it formed the “Resistance.” It screamed at the sky. It boycotted Trump’s inauguration. It rioted during the inauguration. It accused the president of being a traitor and a Russian asset. It impeached the president over a phone call. Adam Schiff went on TV time and again and declared that the “evidence of collusion is in plain sight.” He never apologized for that lie and his part in the country never coming together these last four years. And now they expect us to just fall in line?! Who Would Trust Them? Yesterday I noted that if Democrats are willing to abort a baby in the ninth month of pregnancy, we shouldn’t be surprised that they are willing to cheat to win an election. But that’s not the only reason we should be skeptical of what is going on in the Democrat-dominated cities that are still counting ballots. The mayors who are turning in the worst totals are the same mayors who were willing to let their cities burn rather than call President Trump and ask for the National Guard to help restore order. These are the same mayors who are willing to handcuff and defund their own police departments.

      8. Rubbish – Clinton won by three million but still did not flood the courts with stupid challenges and recounts. She conceded. She didn’t drive around trying to incite her base. She wasn’t psychotic.

      9. CBS’s “Face The Nation” host Margaret Brennan asked Gates if he stood by a statement from his memoir that Biden has “been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.” Eat that foreign alien who has no right to vote in US or Israeli elections.

      10. Osama Khaled Joudeh received a PA medal for helping victims of the deadly Vienna attack in November, but a Palestinian man who helped Jewish victims of a shooting attack near Hebron received death threats and had to flee for his life.

      11. Funny your ‘big talk’ declares that the President has damaged the US or sub human EU. But you have never specifically stated just what go damaged. Opher your pie in the sky bull shit only opens you up to … open wide …. what goes up must come down. LOL eat your own shit.

      12. Science, the environment, relationships with NATO, relationships with EU, relationships with allies, WHO, UN, Paris accord -He’s made the USA a laughing stock.

      13. Elizabeth Warren, AKA Pocahantas, or Fauxcahantas, the fake Native American that Democrats love, unfollowed Hillary Clinton on Twitter. Just weeks ago she and Hillary Clinton were a campaigning duo. Why would a fellow sister-in-arms back away from Hillary? Donna Brazile, DNC bigwig and former CNN employee, changed her Twitter photo, removing Hillary Clinton just days before the Election. Donna is likely hurting from losing her job at CNN, but it is her own fault. If you cheat, and feed debate questions to your favorite candidate, you should not continue employment as a journalist. Again, why would this long-time Democrat distance herself from the Democrat Nominee for President of the United States.

        Michelle Obama, First Lady of the United States and Hillary’s recent Campaign partner, deleted all Tweets relating to Hillary, and deleted every Tweet on her feed going back to 2013. Just five days ago, Michelle shared the stage in Winston-Salem with Hillary. They held hands and bashed Donald Trump together. Now Michelle is taking a leap backwards.

        Most importantly, Barack Obama, President of the United States, deleted Tweets related to Hillary, and also stopped following her on Twitter.

      14. So much for your landslide. LOL Confronted with a shrunken majority, House leaders are discouraging fellow Democrats from taking jobs with the incoming Biden administration — out of concern that Republicans could nab any vacated seats, sources told The Post on Sunday.

        Insiders variously accused House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Ca) and Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) of urging Dems to stay put to preserve their fragile majority.

        “Nancy is telling House members, ‘Now is not the time to leave,’” a Democratic Party official who’s been briefed by Democratic congressional reps said.

        But another House insider said House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) is urging Democratic congressional reps to stay put, and told the Biden transition team not to poach its members because of the party’s slim majority following the Nov. 3 elections.

      15. Dominion Voting Systems is a Canadian company. And Scytl is run out of Spain, which makes Dominion-based election theft a “foreign interference issue.” An executive order signed into existence on September 12, 2018, by President Donald J. Trump. That order, available at Whitehouse.gov, is entitled, “Executive Order on Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election.”

      16. To ensure that Joe Biden “won” most of the key battleground states, Bill Gates and others in positions of influence replaced veteran poll workers with “young black students,” also known as Black Lives Matter (BLM) terrorists, who committed election fraud for pay.

        According to reports, Gates and his cohorts scared the veteran poll workers into fearing infection with the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19), opening the door for young black activists to swoop in and thieve votes for Biden, securing his media-declared “victory.”

      17. The President has tweeted: “NO VOTE WATCHERS OR OBSERVERS allowed, vote tabulated by a Radical Left privately owned company, Dominion, with a bad reputation & bum equipment that couldn’t even qualify for Texas (which I won by a lot!), the Fake & Silent Media, & more!” he continued.

        The President has previously accused the company, Dominion Voting — which supplies voting machines throughout the US — of deleting 2.7 million votes for him across the country and changing 221,000 votes cast in Pennsylvania for him to favor Biden.

      18. The presidential election has continued into overtime in the courts on multiple fronts as President Donald Trump declines to concede the contest to Democratic challenger Joe Biden. Even as states kept counting ballots, no state had certified results, and lawsuits began to work their way through the courts, major media outlets announced four days after Election Day that the former vice president had won the presidency by exceeding the necessary 270 electoral votes.Democratic challenger Joe Biden leads President Donald Trump by varying margins in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, Arizona, Nevada, and Wisconsin, most of which had showed President Trump ahead on election night. Pictured: Trump and Biden supporters gather Nov. 6 at the ballot counting center in Philadelphia. (Photo: Tayfun Coskun/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)Biden now leads by varying margins in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, Arizona, Nevada, and Wisconsin, most of which had showed Trump ahead on election night. To explain what’s happening in the courts, here is an overview of the litigation and related election controversies in the most contentious states.

      19. They don’t. They have already declared Biden the winner. It’s just sulky Trump that refuses to accept that he lost fair and square. The marines will turf him out on his backside and the courts will lock him up!!! Justice!!

      20. Who is “they” dumb ass. Until and unless the electoral college certifies that Joe Biden has been elected president, he is nothing more than another American citizen – in Biden’s case one who is suspected of epic corruption for which widespread evidence has been actively suppressed by his puppeteers, using their vast influence in corporate-owned media and across the internet.

      21. There is a straightforward and malevolent method being pursued by the Leftmedia in this case. It is the basic propaganda principle that if one simply declares a falsehood loud enough and long enough, you can make others believe it, or at least accept it.

        It is the same evil behind the “newspeak” of George Orwell’s classic novel 1984. Worse yet, it reflects the real historical evil of the Soviet news propaganda paper ironically named Pravda, or in English, Truth.

        The Leftmedia are experts at manipulating language to make their own case and persuade people they are being ‘objective’ and ‘factual’ in their claims. Moreover, they are also experts at defaming their opponents as those who are guilty of deceit by labeling even factual information as false or “misleading.”

      22. I’m talking Mafia deals, Russian deals, illicit bank arrangements in China and Russia, massive Tax evasion. He’s a crook. He will spend his life behind bars.

      23. Bunk on the foreign British press.

        Attorney Alan Dershowitz, the outspoken Democrat who defended President Trump during the Senate impeachment trial, predicts that the president will prevail in his Pennsylvania lawsuit.

        Speaking with “Breitbart News Tonight,” Dershowitz said that the U.S. Supreme Court will likely take up the president’s lawsuit against Pennsylvania due to the fact that the state’s court implemented election laws that the state legislature did not approve.

        Citing the Bush v. Gore case in 2000, Dershowitz asserted that President Trump may very well overturn the Pennsylvania election call if he and his legal team can prove that the segregated ballots helped sway the election.

        “The Supreme Court will take that case only if it would make a difference, only if the plaintiffs — the Republicans — can show that the number of disputed ballots that were subject to sequestration by Justice Alito’s decision exceeds the difference between the winning margin and the losing margin,” he concluded, later adding: “The Pennsylvania constitutional argument is a wholesale argument that clearly belongs in federal courts.”

      24. Breaking: Congressman Louie Ghomert has stated that The U.S. Army has seized servers for Dominion [voting machines] in Germany.

        — George Papadopoulos (@GeorgePapa19) November 14, 2020

        “I’m going to release the Kraken.” Todd Starnes vows to expose the Silicon Valley and left-wing corporations that are using their power to help Democrats steal the election from @realDonaldTrump. #MAGA #AmericaFirst #Dobbs pic.twitter.com/EPJSfUZqM2

        — Lou Dobbs (@LouDobbs) November 13, 2020

      25. Obama Says It’s Wrong that Millions of People are Questioning Election Results, Blames Trump. Funny the Never Trumper DemoRATS questioned the 2016 Trump victory for 4 years! What total Bull Shit!

      26. Four years after signing the now-infamous “Never Trump” letter condemning then-presidential candidate Donald Trump as a danger to America, retiring diplomat Jim Jeffrey is recommending that the incoming Biden administration stick with Trump’s foreign policy in the Middle East.

        That the Pentagon, the State Department and the various secret services were and are lying to Trump is not new. That one of their guys now openly admits this is refreshing.  Current and former administration officials say Trump fired Defense Secretary Mark Esper Monday in part over his opposition to accelerating troop drawdowns worldwide, and especially in Afghanistan. The upheaval accelerated on Tuesday with the resignation of three high-level civilians and the installation of loyalists who are expected to ram through Trump’s agenda, and continued on Wednesday when retired Army Col. Douglas Macgregor, an outspoken critic of the war in Afghanistan, was brought on as senior adviser to new acting Defense Secretary Chris Miller.

        The U.S. occupation of Afghanistan began on October 7 2001. Nineteen years and an obviously lost war later the removal of U.S. troops from the country is still ‘precipitous.’  Macgregor and Sec Def Miller should draw up a direct order to the commanding general of U.S. Central Command that tells him to remove all troops from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq within the next 30 days.  Should CentCom fail to follow the order by the Commander in Chief its leader must be replaced and court martialed.

      27. I’m British – and proud of it!! The working class British, from which I come, have fought for freedom and justice throughout the centuries; valiantly fighting fascism and tyranny and standing up against the exploiters. I’m still doing it – whether that’s Trump, and his war on the environment and science, or Israel and its oppression of the displaced.

      28. The GOP won the Senate race and reduced the DemoRAT majority in the House and has yet to win the White House, and you call that a landslide? HoHOwhore marry Xmas … Santa Claus is coming to town.

      29. Until and unless the electoral college certifies that Joe Biden has been elected president, he is nothing more than another American citizen – in Biden’s case one who is suspected of epic corruption for which widespread evidence has been actively suppressed by his puppeteers, using their vast influence in corporate-owned media and across the internet.

      1. Well, Poor Mr. Trump is a pretty nice ditty! And it seems you and Mosckerr have just co-authored a book. However, I don’t know if you can get anybody to read the whole thing or not.

        Nice dialogue!

        We definitely have two different narratives being rode n’ spurred amongst the citizenry. I believe that’s healthy, long as we keep talking to each other. Isn’t it a wonderful system ~ our democracy…

        Carry on!

      2. Cheers Clyde. I agree with you. No matter how divergent the views the important thing is to maintain a dialogue. I don’t know about a book though.

    1. Yes – I have often dipped into your blog and enjoyed it. I am amazed that so many of the American people can still back such an obnoxious man. I’m so glad he is going. He has caused immense damage.

  4. And he’s still causing damage. Mr. Biden is not in office yet & President Trump is still vocalizing that he is not going to leave voluntarily. Meanwhile he’s setting up a coup. He’s got to be hollered off the stage by 50 million American citizens ~ citizens like the bold writer of the song, “Poor Mr. Trump.” So I’ve added my own puny voice to the cacophony that will never be loud enough or strong enough until the president packs up & leaves his present living quarters ~ the White House. Here it is in all its tawdry insignificance:


    It would really be nice to know what you think about this, Mr. Opher…

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