Poetry – Conspiracies and beliefs

Conspiracies and beliefs

I’m a patriot and I am free

Nobody’s gonna take my gun off me.

I’m riding along on the very crest

Because I know America’s best.

Ain’t nobody need to convince me

I know socialism’s really tyranny.

I believe in the devils and his ghouls

Evolution is just for fools!

To make it clear for a starter;

God placed fossils in the rock strata.

At risk of seeming very bold

I know the world’s six thousand years old.

Though I may sound like a loon

I know we never landed on the moon.

Personally I’d put a really bad curse on

Those who thinks a fertilised egg’s not a person.

I’ve thought about this for hours:

It was the CIA who blew up the twin towers.

We should rally everyone through the nation

Because the UN is after world domination.

I’d bet my house and my last hat

That the world is really flat.

Regardless of what the Jews all feel

The holocaust was never real.

Ain’t nobody going to inoculate me

With microchips in their chemistry.

Though you might think that I’ve got rabies:

We’re ruled by alien lizards who eat babies.

The immigrants pouring across our border

Are all rapists, terrorists intent on murder.

We’re being controlled by the ‘Deep State’

Only Trump can save us from that fate.

I don’t believe in the news that they feed ya

I get my facts from social media.

As sure as a tree’s a tree

I know god cares about me.

And none of that’s conspiracy!

Opher – 10.11.2020

We unloaded all our religious fundamentalists and extremists by shipping them off to America. They set up their version of utopia.

The reverberation of that religious zeal, along with all its guilt, can still be seen in American society today. They’d rather believe the bible to any text book.

They don’t believe in science and experts and everything is fake news. Education is brainwashing and the TV evangelist multimillionaires are purveyors of truth.

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