Poetry – I’m Winning

I’m Winning

I’m sprayed into the air.

I soar into your nose.

I dive into your cells.

And lurk upon your clothes.

I live in your blood

And mess up your heart.

I scar your lungs

And take your brain apart.

I rob you of oxygen

And all your energy.

Nothing you can do

Is going to bother me.

I’ll rob you of your jobs,

Create no end of strife.

I’ll wreck your families

And even take your life.

Opher – 1.11.2020

Hanging in an aerosol in the air waiting to be breathed there is a new virus. It’s a parasite that eats your living flesh, a minute vampire.

It sets up in your nasal cavity and lungs, replicating and sprayed out into the air.

It invades your blood vessels destroying lungs and damaging heart and brain.

We call it Covid-19. It’s nature’s pay-back for our invasion.

We are swamping the planet. We are invading the most inaccessible places and cruelly snaring the most beautiful creatures. They are transported across the planet, crouching terrified in tiny cages, waiting to be butchered alive in wet markets.

No compassion is wasted on these creatures. They are seen as meat.

We deserve all we get!

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