Poetry – The Molecule That Thinks

The Molecule That Thinks

Welcome to the quantum world,

To the molecule that thinks.

Guiding your awareness

Down a million missing links.

It would be a shame

To have such majesty

Without a trillion minds and eyes

With which to think and see.

I am the quantum molecule.

I can do anything!

I taught humankind

To play and dance and sing.

Opher – 22.10.2020

I was on my daily walk thinking about the majesty of the vast universe and thinking that what a waste it would all be if there were no eyes to see it, no minds to appreciate its beauty.

We live in a wondrous universe. Nature is fabulous.

The more we learn about quantum worlds and the behaviour of atoms the more weird it becomes. The reality we think we live appears bogus.

Then when we consider the weirdness of awareness, of minds and intelligence, it is even weirder.

We think we are so clever and superior. Yet all plants and animals are sentient. They are aware.

Maybe it is our molecules, our protein, that is the seat of awareness. Perhaps atoms are conscious?

We live in a quantum universe. There is much to understand. We’re on the threshold. We are ignorant savages.

Who knows?

Quantum can’t get much weirder. Can it?

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