Poetry – Welcome to The Green Machine

Welcome to The Green Machine

Welcome to the green machine;

The factory of the country.

Once a forest full of life,

Now the nation’s pantry.

Sprayed to death,

Devoid of life,

A veritable green desert.

Once a thriving

Nest of creatures

Now completely inert.

The ponds and streams

Are all filled in.

The hedgerows all grubbed up.

If you’re a hedgehog

Seeking a home

I’m afraid you’re out of luck.

There’s no room at this inn

For any of you wild things.

Particularly if you’re an insect

With a double pair of wings.

Welcome to the green machine;

A sterile brand of hell.

A wasteland of automation

Producing the hard sell!

Opher – 17.10.2020

What looks like green countryside is really a well-oiled factory. Nothing lives here. If anything moves it’s sprayed or shot.

The crops are sown by machine, tended by machine and harvested by machine.

It looks green but it’s a million miles from nature.

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