4 thoughts on “Jonathan Pie on the Second Wave

  1. He strips away the superfluous, obfuscating political rhetoric to reveal, with crisp clarity, passion and anger, the government’s shambolic attempt at mitigating Covid-19 in England.

    Listening to him rant is actually very cathartic. His words might not bring us any closer to finding a solution, but he does at least inform us, in the simplest of terms, of the inadequacy, ineptitude, and consequences of poor-decisions made by this atrociously incompetent, power-grabbing, donor-appeasing government.

    I’d like to see his material on T.V – perhaps shown like an extended advert before or after the evening news.


      1. Indeed it would! Apart from the BBC, there are over 400 other channels to choose from in the U.K! Pie would make a refreshing alternative to state-controlled news and reporting.

        He’s got a growing following on YouTube.


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