Poetry – A blazing metaphor

A blazing metaphor

From an ember to a blaze,

Fed with fuel,

The flames lick into the air,



Consuming all within its reach,


Sucking in the oxygen,

Illuminating walls

With fierce light.

Slowly it subsides,


Sends mysterious shadows,

Chasing each other,

Then finally dying down,

A warm glow

That looks benign.

Beneath that layer of ash

Lies a latent heat

Hotter than the strongest blaze.

Opher – 11.10.2020

I was looking for a metaphor, a way of representing a relationship, of love.

An all-consuming fire, that subsides but does not die.

55 thoughts on “Poetry – A blazing metaphor

  1. The imagery in this piece is beautiful, its amazing how clearly I can picture the fire and the meaning behind it is so well-written

      1. Yes the fires in California do merit mention. But the 9/11 false flag attack by which Cheney/Bush justified the illegal invasions of both Afghanistan and Iraq … that’s the heat of the molten steel of the Twin Towers, building 7 that imploded on itself unto its foundation – never touched by any plane. The lack of bodies in the forest, and the lack of wings and engines at the Pentagon crash sights.

      2. Its my hope that the next Trump Administration renounces the Nixon era petro-dollar monopoly wherein US imperialism “regulates” OPEC natural resources, which limits sales of OPEC oil and gas strictly and only to USD sales. Nixon uprooted the commodity based currency of the US dollar and established the US petro-dollar fiat currency which dominates all currencies across the planet.

      3. If the opinion polls are anywhere near accurate you might be waiting a long time for that.
        My hope is that gas and oil are completely replaced by renewables so there won’t be any sales to regulate.
        That would pull the rug out from under all these nations who rely on oil and are fuelling wars and discontent.

      4. Polls, junk. Remember the “Polls” in 2016? LOL Ya want to replace oil and gas? Which in its turn replaced whale oil! Pie in the sky. What do ya suggest can replace oil and gas? I personally do not know. Ya know the answer to that question compares to betting at horse races. LOL

      5. We’ll see about the polls, won’t we?
        Oil and gas can easily be replaced with electricity from wind, tide and sun. Easy.

      6. QAnon did not exist at 9/11.
        The modern State of Israel, does not stop and weigh the needs of Balestinian refugees – they have no rights, just as Jews in g’lut had no rights.  Justice requires that the term refugee does not have one definition for Jews and an entirely different definition for Balestinians by which the racist antisemites condemn Israel as an Apartheid state.

        Racism requires both words and actions. I can call you a stupid son of a bitch! But crossing the line happens when I jump up and punch you in the face, for being a “stupid son of a bitch”.

        Conspiracy theories arise when the actions of events do not jive with the given story of words. Explain to me, for example, the implosion of building 7. Explain to me, where vanished the wings of a large commercial airliner together with its four engines.

      7. Follow the money. Just the day before 9/11 Rumsfeld acknowledged that the Pentagon could not account for 2.4 trillion dollars. The exact location of the Pentagon destroyed in the terrorist attack, it destroyed all the evidence the Pentagon had on the missing 2.4 trillion dollars. Building 7 which imploded upon itself, that building contained all the evidence of the Enron scandal. Its a violation of law to remove evidence from the sight of a crime. Yet war criminal Bush did just that on the 9/11 Twin Towers sight.

      8. Read and understand you that believes in every right-wing conspiracy theory. I’m just surprised you believe in the holocaust. Or do you? Your fellow right-wingers think that it was made up.
        Hey Moshe – the earth is flat.

      9. No but the conspiracy theories did. QAnon just gathered them together for idiots to consume. The Earth is flat.
        The State of Israel should be there for all people – not just Jews.
        Racism does not require actions. Words poison minds.
        Conspiracy theories are put out by sites that wish to confuse and then prey on the confused.

      10. We welcome everyone of all colours, religions and political views. We make no distinctions – apart from the racist minority. We are all equal.

      11. I know. It’s terrifying – that 4.4% is so frightening. They will take over. The 95.5% who are non-muslim are terrified that it’s going to happen tomorrow.
        Do you believe everything you read in the right-wing propaganda sites?
        You must be even more terrified in Israel – 21% of your population is Muslim. That’s 5 times higher! Or are you more worried by the 9% Christians taking over? That more than twice the level of Muslims over here!
        It must be very worrying for you.

      12. No. Israel repatriated the 1948 Arab refugees and gave them Israeli citizenship. No Arab or Muslim country has duplicated this; Balestinians exists as stateless refugees in Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon to this day!

      13. Yet you, who have a nation of 21% Muslims, claim that we, with a 4.4% muslim population, are being overrun. Can’t you see how daft that sounds? It’s straight out of the Trump handbook.

      14. Noise. No racism without violence. Britain does not have violence any more than Israel does not have violence… LOL what a total joke. An Arab sits both in the Israeli Cabinet and on the Supreme Court, yet idiot Goyim refer to Israel as an Apartheid State!

      15. When the facts on the ground do not equal the story given by the government … Need i remind you that Nixon was the first to introduce “conspiracy theories”? LOL joker.

  2. Jet fuel its mostly kerosene. The Red Iron upon which these sky scrapers stood remained molten for some 2 weeks after the terrorist act made by the US government upon the American people. Kerosene does not burn all that hot. What got so hot that it caused red iron to remain in a molten condition 2 weeks after the attack?

      1. QAnon did not exist on 9/11. The CIA as an intelligence service does not carry out this type of black op to my limited knowledge. But you as God clearly know more than me.

      2. Silly Goy, Torah defines truth as path. You arrogant fools do not drive my car. Just as its my responsibility to drive my car where ever destination serves my interests, so too and how much more so the Jewish state, and not some idiots in Jolly England determine the interests of the Jewish State.

      3. Makes as much sense as all the other mad conspiracy theories you swallow.
        Your right-wing colleagues don’t believe there was a holocaust. In fact, they think Hitler was a leftist socialist. They think the earth is flat. The Pentagon was hit by a missile. The CIA blew up the twin towers. We never landed on the moon. There is a Jewish cabal running the world. They are child-eating lizards who hold satanic rituals. The UN is a global government.
        You’re in good company.

      4. You spew from bull shit to bull shit. I come from a socialist/communist background. Learn how to read. Show me a single opinion that opines (other than your illiterate self) that Hitler was a leftist socialist. What utter bull shit. You brought up this flat earth rant, now you condemn this shadow source with your flat earth bull shit. You behave like a dog chasing its tail with your idiotic circular arguments. You brought up the CIA, stop pretending its a point that I made. Yes I strongly suspect the Pentagon a missile struck the building based upon the lack of wings and engines in the wreckage. You condemn the CIA not me. Bringing up the CIA as proof of your refutation … utter bull shit. The UN occupies 2 large buildings. YOUR dream – that the UN function as a world government. Not on my watch buddy boy.

  3. YO for the 4th time stone head, studied and learned Communism as my major at the University. It must be terrible to be so dense. Informed you, don’t know how many times, that general statements require qualifying particulars. English literature 101 which clearly ya never learned.

    1. YO Moshe – I did my English Literature thanks – and appear to have mastered it better than you. I’m glad you learnt about communism – a noble idea that unfortunately, we have not yet put into practice.

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