Poetry – Life


A brief interlude.

                A flicker in the dark.

A whole universe –

Then gone.

A glimpse into time –

                All eternity,

                                In seconds.

Then melted

                Into oblivion.

Colour, sound and touch –

                We taste it.


                Like an icecube

                                On the tongue

It dissolves away.

It exists.


                                Like a switch,

It flicks off

                And never was.

Opher – 6.10.2020

I was feeling in a metaphysical mood. Does a tree fall if there is nobody to see it?

Does the universe exist if our consciousness is not there to perceive it?

We are born and the universe is born. We live and experience all its splendour. We feel its reality. Then we die and have no perception of it. It has ceased to exist.

Perhaps it never did.

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