More is so much less!

We live in an age of instant gratification where everything is available at the click of a mouse – yet nothing is cherished.

I think this is the same in all areas, but particularly in music.

I have spent much of my life searching through record shops, hunting for albums, for particular artists and bands, rarities, and long-sought LPs. There was always the thrill of expectation every time you set out to do a tour around. You never knew what you would unearth. Then, when you finally discovered something you had been searching for there was a great euphoria. You rushed home to play it, studied the cover, read the liner notes and absorbed it all. It was special.

Now you can go online and find anything – rarities you did not even know existed – rarities that would previously have sent you swooning in delirium. But the thrill has gone.

It is the same with food. Food used to be seasonal. When the season came around it was like a rediscovery and it tasted brilliant. Now you can get anything all year round and that magic has gone.

It’s the same with sport. There was anticipation. Every now and then there was a match on TV.  You were hooked. Now it’s there continuously and the magic has gone.

More is definitely a lot less.

6 thoughts on “More is so much less!

  1. So true! 10 years ago I would spend 2hrs. to find a bestseller book for $1. But now in 2 mins. even less online. I would say my collection is priceless because of time spent and chance in finding those treasures.

  2. Bunk. Acquiring an original LP, never opened! So many diets to choose from, do you have the will to follow a keto diet? Love American football. Limit my viewership to watching the Super Bowl.

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