The Corona Diaries – Day 132

Surprise, surprise – scientists are warning that our ‘world-beating’ track and trace system is inadequate and would have to improve greatly in order to get kids back to school safely!

Sounds par for the course – like the ‘oven-ready’ Brexit and ‘shovel-ready’  building projects. Johnson’s a man who is good on slogans but piss-poor when it comes to putting them into action. We’ve had more than enough of these ‘world-beating’ projects – like our wonderful tracing app, our PPE, our Care-Home protection, our lockdowns and face-masks. I can’t believe a word the man says. He’s all mouth and no trousers.

Local authorities, in frustration at the government failure, are now setting up their own track and trace. It is what the government should have done in the first place. If they had used the GPs and local hospitals they would have been on top of it.

They are now beginning to panic as the numbers of new cases goes up. They think they have opened up too quickly. There are plans to shut pubs and restaurants again. Is it really a juggling act between pubs and schools? Shouldn’t they have restricted it to outside eating and drinking in the first place – at least through summer?

There seems to be some mad inconsistencies – you can drink in a pub but not have a wedding?

Talk about all over the place.

Today is a bit dour and drizzly (like the news) so we’re going for a walk this afternoon in the hopes that the weather picks up. This morning I’ve been working on my editing. I’m enjoying it – a strange semi-biographical book. I’m not sure what you’d call it – it’s not a novel, a memoir or a biography. But who cares. I’m enjoying writing it. What do you think to the extracts I’ve put out?

It has been great playing that old Rockabilly – Billy Lee Riley was great – should have been a lot bigger!

So, with 743 new cases – stay safe! And Rock on!!

4 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 132

  1. Opher, if I may misquote T.S.Eliot:

    “This is the way their politics ends,
    Not with a bang, but with laughter.”

    I’ve just started work on another major COVID article, reviewing progress since the middle of June. The UK doesn’t look good, although there is some (not yet conclusive) evidence that the lockdowns did have some effect. But to your list of “world-beating” failed projects, I’ll add one: “our” NHS. I’ve been saying for many years that the only reason the NHS has survived as long as it has, is the professionalism of the people at the sharp end.

    And today, here, it’s been partly sunny, but cool for the season. The heel is still not quite right; I managed to get the mile and a quarter down to the park and lake (didn’t see the white goose), and then the second, similar sized side of the triangle into the town to buy some paper for my laser printer. But I needed a taxi back up the hill.

    1. I look forward to reading that Neil. I’m sure it will be extremely thorough.
      I’m not sure I quite agree with you about the NHS. The reason it isn’t world-beating is, in my opinion, due to severe underfunding and the bureaucracy dumped on it by politicians.
      Yes, it is unseasonably cool and windy – lol – that’s global warming for you. It mucks up weather patterns. This year has been a mess of floods, droughts, heatwaves and wind.
      These injuries are annoying aren’t they? As we get older they become worse and take longer to heel.

      1. Well Opher, just about every year is a “mess of floods, droughts, heatwaves and wind.” Not to mention plagues and recessions.

        And thank you for the pun – “heel” versus “heal.”

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