Poetry – The Victorian Dance – John Phillips

As John points out – the hypocrisy of the Victorian era stills lives on. The masses are exploited by bosses who think they are so much better than everybody else.


The Victorian Dance


Visit the carnival, work in the factory, sell us your labour for pay.

Living for now as you look to tomorrow, apply for a meeting today.

Come and partake of our glorious heritage, phone and we’ll give you a chance

For there’s profit for me and there’s profit for you

If you’ll enter and join the Victorian Dance.


Vicious reality, Workhouse mentality, coupled with minimum wage

Mealy-mouthed managers, shouting and bullying, frantic to join the parade.

Cynically touting Victorian values to fuel and promote their advance

As they shamelessly use you, exploit and abuse you

To blindly perform the Victorian Dance.


So, come take a ride in my brand new Ferrari, I’ll show you what it can do.

I think you can see I’m a bit of a playboy; you know that I’m better than you.

Although I despise you I ‘l still patronize you, to keep you entombed in your trance;

Where your mind is deceived and you cannot conceive

You are able to leave the Victorian Dance.

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